Tesco pulls snacks from shelves over risk of itchy rashes and vomiting - full list

Tesco pulls snacks from shelves over risk of itchy rashes and vomiting - full list

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 04/03/2024

- 08:50

Tesco has warned customers about products they may have bought recently

Tesco has recalled a pulled pork snack that could contain undeclared allergens, potentially leading to sickness and rashes.

This follows several other products recalled by the retailer, including crisps and a health product.

The Jolly Hog 8 BBQ Pulled Pork Hoguettes 184g

Best before dates: 03/03/24, 05/03/24, 08/03/24

Jolly Hog has recalled the product due to the possible presence of milk and the above batches sold in Tesco are affected.

Jolly Hogg BBQ Pork Hoguettes

Tesco shoppers have been urged to check for popular snacks


Tesco stated: "Jolly Hog are recalling specific date codes of The Jolly Hog 8 BBQ Pulled Pork Hoguettes 184g, due to a possible presence of milk, which is an undeclared allergen in the product.

"This may pose a risk to people with a milk allergy/intolerance. If you’ve bought an affected product and have an allergy/intolerance to milk, please don’t eat it.

"Instead, return it to a Tesco store for a refund. No receipt is required."

The items could contain milk that is not mentioned. A milk allergy can cause symptoms such as an itchy rash, swelling of the face, vomiting and a runny or blocked nose, according to the NHS.

This is not the only product currently being recalled and Britons are urged to check for more snacks and a health product.

Tesco urgently recalled Doritos products amid fears they could contain stomach pain and sickness as soya isn't declared as an allergen on the ingredients list.

Doritos Tangy Cheese 180g

Best before date: 01/06/24

Customers who had bought an eye spray were warned of potential contamination.

Tangy Cheese Doritos

Tangy Cheese Doritos were recalled


Vizulize Irritated Eye Mist 10ml

Best Before Dates: 02/2026, 04/2026, 04/2026

Batch codes: EM233824, EM233920, EM233926

The eye spray may have been contaminated, making it unsafe to use.

Tesco states: "As a precaution, EM Pharma are recalling specific batches of Vizulize Irritated Eye Mist 10ml, due to potential microbiological contamination."

Customers are encouraged not to use it and told they can return the item to stores for a full refund.

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