Drivers urged to make 'significant savings' from new scheme to avoid hated Ulez daily charge

A Ulez sign

The Ulez expanded to cover Greater London in August

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 03/10/2023

- 13:57

Motorists could potentially save thousands of pounds by using scrappage schemes and grants

Motorists could save almost £150 per month when driving in London despite the controversial expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone under new measures.

The expanded Ulez scheme has now been in place for over a month, with drivers of non-compliant petrol and diesel vehicles liable to pay the £12.50 daily fee.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has continued to promote the scheme as helping clean the air in the capital, despite fierce criticism from drivers and politicians.

A number of measures are in place to help motorists switch from polluting cars to cleaner, compliant vehicles, including Transport for London’s scrappage scheme.

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A new measure could help van drivers save nearly £150 per month by ditching their polluting diesel vehicle for an electric Vauxhall model.

The Stellantis e-LCV Grant offers motorists a £2,500 incentive on small and medium electric vans, including the Vauxhall Combo Electric and Vivaro Electric.

This is in addition to the existing Government grant for electric vans, which would help them save £5,000.

For businesses and sole traders operating in the Ulez, they can also apply for a £9,500 grant to scrap a non-compliant van and replace it with an EV.

With all of these grants combined, drivers could save a massive £17,000 off the upfront cost of a new electric van.

James Taylor, managing director of Vauxhall, said: “With £2,500 off a new Vauxhall Combo Electric or Vivaro Electric alongside existing Government grants, it’s an ideal time to switch to an electric van.

“For van drivers affected by the recent expansion of the London Ulez, going electric offers significant financial savings.

“As the UK’s best-selling electric van manufacturer, Vauxhall is committed to electrifying Britain’s businesses.”

The Stellantis grant also includes a free home wallbox installation and £400 credit on an Octopus Electroverse card, allowing motorists to benefit from around 2,500 miles of public chargers.

This comes as drivers begin to adapt to the new Ulez rules, which now extends to the boundary of Greater London, although some motorists are still furious with the expansion and taking matters into their own hands.

Between April 1 and September 31, the Metropolitan Police recorded almost 800 crimes relating to Ultra Low Emission Zone cameras.

This includes 200 reports of cameras being stolen and a staggering 595 cameras being damaged.

One arrest has been made, with a 52-year-old man arrested in Bexley on suspicion of criminal damage. He has been bailed until December 19 pending further enquiries.

The Met launched an operation in May to crack down on Ulez-related crimes, ensuring a “proportionate approach” would be in place.


Vauxhall Combo Electric

The Vauxhall Combo Electric is part of the new scheme


Two further people have been arrested, with one awaiting trial in June 2024 and the other having the case discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service.

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