Man shares his staggering six stone weight loss after vital food swap - 'it tastes amazing'

Man before / after weight loss

One man shared his incredible transformation

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 05/05/2024

- 14:59

A man who lost six stone shared the healthy diet swaps he made to achieve his incredible transformation

A slimmer shared how changing what he ate helped him drop from over 22 stone to 16st 7lb.

Charlie Murphy, 29, from North Yorkshire, went from a 3XL to a XL shirt by focusing on high-protein foods.

Charlie was used to filling up on fast food such as burgers, chocolates and fizzy drinks but realised his eating was out of control while on an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey last year.

He said: "While I was on the holiday I was at my heaviest weight of 22st 4lb.

Man and fiance outside football game

He was inspired to lose weight after an all-inclusive holiday


“I just felt unhealthy and self-conscious about my weight and from out of nowhere, something clicked in me to make a change."

After returning from his holiday, Charlie binned all junk food in his home and signed up for the gym.

He turned his back on unhealthy food and instead cooked high-protein meals made with lean chicken and beef from online food retailer

“I now go to the gym four to five times a week with weekly check-ins with my PT so we can work on my progress and set new targets going forward," he added.

“At first I was strict with my routine and what I did but now I go because I actually enjoy it and not just because I need to lose weight.

“I’ve learned over time how to be consistent in my workouts and be more disciplined when it comes to junk food. I now eat it but in moderation. It’s not all of the time like it was before.

“It was hard at first but I was determined to do it and because I made sure there was a routine in place to help make it easier, I’ve been able to stick to it.”

Lean meat is a great addition to a healthy diet as it is high in protein - a nutrient that helps people to feel full while eating fewer calories.

Man after weight loss football shirt

He has lost around six stone


He continued: "Even though I’m proud of the huge amount of weight I’ve lost, I’ve still got a bit to go until I reach my goal of 95kg.

“To do this I’m making sure I stick to my healthy eating while carrying on with the gym and having a proper routine in place so I don’t fall out of the loop.

“The lean meats and healthy snacks I’ve been able to buy from MuscleFood have been a huge help. Because it’s delivered directly to my door, I’m not tempted by all the unhealthy foods I’d be seeing if I headed to the supermarket. And it all tastes amazing too."

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