Lose weight and burn 'more calories' by adding easy habit into your daily routine

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Low-intensity exercise can help you burn more calories

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/06/2024

- 10:53

Taking part in low-intensity exercise can burn more calories and lead to fat loss

Exercise is a great tool for weight loss when paired with a good nutrition plan.

High-intensity workouts get the heart rate up and promote fat loss, but more relaxed workouts shouldn't be discounted.

While "there is no single workout that is best for weight loss", different styles will burn calories and fat more quickly, says James LeBaigue, MSc, head of nutrition at Hurry The Food Up and founder of Nutrition Triathlon.

He told GB News "high-intensity exercise burns the most calories on a minute-by-minute basis" but "cannot be sustained for long periods, which means the overall duration of exercise is shorter".

Woman burpeeBurpees are an effective fat-burning cardio exerciseGETTY

High-intensity exercises can include HIIT movements, like burpees, jump squats and lunges, sprinting and spin classes.

Low-intesity exercise like walking, swimming and yoga, on the other hand, can be done for longer periods.

James added: "Conversely, lower-intensity exercise burns fewer calories per minute but can be maintained for longer periods, potentially leading to a greater total calorie burn."

Adding more walking into your daily routine is easy to do and will aid weight loss. Slimmers can burn nearly 500 calories each day by simply hitting 10,000 steps.

The expert suggested gentle workouts as a great starting point to create a routine slimmers can stick to.

He said: "For beginners, I usually recommend frequent, smaller bouts of low-intensity exercise. This helps build a sustainable, manageable routine that creates positive habits.

"As fitness improves, the duration of exercise can be increased and high-intensity workouts can be incorporated.

"This approach is important for ensuring longevity and consistency with exercise. Overdoing high-intensity exercise can frequently lead to burnout or injuries."

Women doing yoga

Yoga is a low-intensity way to burn calories


James concluded: "I advise picking exercises that you enjoy and can see yourself doing for the long term. If it feels like a chore and you struggle to do it consistently, then it probably isn't the right choice for you and isn't sustainable.

"Choose activities that you enjoy and want to do, and you will see far better results over the long term."

The expert has shared more advice for anyone unsure what to eat when trying to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight.

James shared the two "most beneficial" food groups to help "burn more calories" without exercise.

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