Elon Musk says new Tesla Roadster EV will hit 60mph in under one second - 'Never be another car like this!'

Elon Musk says new Tesla Roadster EV will hit 60mph in under one second - 'Never be another car like this!'

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 28/02/2024

- 16:09

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 16:55

'I think it has a shot at being the most mind-blowing product demo of all time'

Elon Musk has unveiled plans to radically overhaul plans for Tesla’s latest electric vehicle which could see drivers accelerate from 0-60mph in under one second.

The founder and CEO of Tesla said the wildly popular electric car brand would aim to ship its Roadster EV next year, Reuters reported.

In a series of tweets posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Musk suggested that the production design phase will be completed and unveiled by the end of this year.

The claims on X, which is owned by Elon Musk, added that the brand, which is based in Austin, Texas, is looking set to begin deliveries of the vehicles either next year or in 2025.

The Tesla Roadster and Elon Musk

Elon Musk has claimed the Tesla Roadster would be 'mind-blowing'


He wrote: “Tonight, we radically increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster. There will never be another car like this, if you could even call it a car.

“Tesla/SpaceX collab. Production design complete and unveil [before the] end of year, aiming to ship next year.

“I think it has a shot at being the most mind-blowing product demo of all time.”

The billionaire also replied to some comments, saying that, with the fastest specifications, the Roadster would be able to accelerate from 0-60mph in under a second, adding that the feature would be “the least interesting part”.

The Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster could begin deliveries in 2025


This would make it significantly quicker than the Rimac Nevera, which currently holds the record as the fastest-accelerating production car, going from 0-62mph in just 1.95 seconds.

He added that people would “love the new Roadster more than your house”.

The Roadster was originally unveiled in 2017, with plans to launch the vehicle in 2020, although this has consistently been delayed by Tesla as a result of supply chain issues and continued development of battery technology.

Another comment on X, from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, questioned whether the vehicle would be able to “fly a little”, to which Musk responded with an eye emoji.

The Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk has not yet announced a price tag


Posting in 2018, Elon Musk said the Roadster sports car would come with a SpaceX package that would include around 10 “small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around the car”.

He claimed this would dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering, suggesting that it could allow the car to fly.

Responding to other comments at the time, Musk said: “There is no finer car in history and we don’t think there will be another.”

This follows the introduction of the new Tesla Cybertruck which began deliveries in November last year despite the controversy surrounding its design and potential issues in Europe.


The Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster was first unveiled in 2017


It has been suggested that the steel-clad electric vehicle will never make it to Europe because of its sharp edges and "easy to remove" side mirrors.

There have also been some concerns about the battery range of the vehicle and whether it matches the estimates first touted by Elon Musk.

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