Drivers warned that parking in certain places overnight could see car insurance prices spike

Drivers warned that parking in certain places overnight could see car insurance prices spike

Drivers warned of car insurance price rises

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 20/12/2023

- 10:25

'Some insurers may feel garages can pose their own security risks'

Motorists could be hit with more expensive premiums if they park their cars in garages, with the average policy increasing by £54.

Drivers who have access to a garage will usually choose to park their vehicles inside as it provides more security than parking on a driveway or on the street away from the house.

However, new data has shown that the average cost of policies will rise by £54 if someone parks in a garage overnight.

The average cost for those parking in a locked garage was £710, compared to just £656 for other home parkways.

Cars parked on driveway

Parking in a garage will increase the price by more than £50


The price disparity grew even further when comparing fire and theft policies. Those leaving their cars in a garage will pay £1,053 for third-party, a staggering £178 more than people who park elsewhere (£875).

The research, from Go.Compare, found that keeping a car on the driveway seems to be better for premiums than in a garage, costing £85 less.

Tom Banks, car insurance expert at Go.Compare, commented on the data, saying there were various reasons for the more expensive premiums.

He said: “Some insurers may feel garages can pose their own security risks. If the garage is connected to your property, your car could get taken in the event of a home break-in, while if the garage is unconnected, you may be unable to hear the thief entering your car.

“Insurers may also feel the car is more likely to be damaged if you keep it in a garage. For instance, there could be a greater chance of bumps and scrapes when trying to fit today’s larger cars into small garages.

“Items being stored in the garage, like a toolbox, could also fall onto the vehicle and damage it.”

Parking on the road or in a residential car park is slightly more expensive than in a garage, forcing premiums up to £729 and £741 respectively.

The same data found that parking habits were changing with a 28 per cent decline in vehicles being parked in a locked garage between 2018 and 2022.

In comparison, there is also a 36 per cent increase in drivers keeping their vehicles in a secure car park, with motorists taking action against vehicle theft.

Tom Banks did issue a warning to drivers that they should be careful before changing where they park as this could lead to further issues.

The expert added: “If the alternative to your garage is somewhere more exposed, like on the road outside your home, then your policy could go up rather than down, and you’d be making your vehicle more vulnerable in the process.

“Ultimately, security is the most important factor, so if your garage is the safest place for your car, then keep it there.

“Plus, every provider assesses the risk of where you park differently, so it’s important to remember this before switching your parking place.”

While the premiums may be more expensive, many insurers will still prefer for drivers to keep their vehicles parked in a garage as it will be safer.


Cars parked

Motorists could be hit with massive costs depending on where they park


He urged motorists to ensure their homes and garages have suitable security measures to deter thieves if they are thinking about changing their parking habits.

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