Doctor Q&A: Something on your mind? Need advice? Dr Renée Hoenderkamp will answer your burning health questions

Dr Renée Hoenderkamp

Doctor Renée Hoenderkamp is here to answer your health questions

Doctor Renée Hoenderkamp
Adam Chapman

By Adam Chapman

Published: 11/06/2024

- 11:41

Celebrity NHS doctor Renée Hoenderkamp wants to hear from you for this week's Doctor Q&A. Have a persistent health complaint? Submit your burning health questions below and our resident doc will respond with fact-based answers. What's bothering you this week?

Britons are weeks away from heading to the polls to decide who they want to steward the economy and the NHS.

Managing the former is a formidable prospect but the latter seems nigh on impossible as public healthcare is in tatters, buckling under the weight of staff shortages and pandemic-induced backlogs.

Fortunately, there is one beacon of hope and it comes in the form of celebrity NHS doctor Renée Hoenderkamp.

Our resident doc may not be able to fill the void left by your absent GP but she can provide fact-based answers to your burning health questions.


Last week, Doctor Renée Hoenderkamp addressed the link between cardiovascular complications and Covid vaccination, why cancer is rising among young people and how to treat foot swelling.

Please send your questions to or click the comment button above to send us your question and we'll publish Doctor Hoenderkamp's answers to your queries on every Friday.

Remember, consult your GP directly if you have any specific and urgent health concerns.

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