'Woke Hollywood is losing culture war!' Chadwick Moore - 'don't want this shoved down throats!'

'Woke Hollywood is losing culture war!' Chadwick Moore - 'don't want this shoved down throats!'

'Woke Hollywood is losing culture war!' Chadwick Moore

GBN America
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 13/03/2024

- 10:45

Elon Musk has hit out at the Oscars and called it "winning the woke contest"

US commentator and author Chadwick Moore has claimed that "woke Hollywood is losing the culture war".

This comes after the 96th Academy Awards took place this weekend and Elon Musk sparked controversy by saying winning an Oscar is akin to "winning the woke contest."

Taking to his platform, X, formerly Twitter, Musk wrote: "Winning an Oscar now just means you won the woke contest."

Speaking to GBN America, US author Chadwick Moore agreed with him and claimed that the Oscars are just "corporate entertainment".

Elon Musk

Elon Musk labelled the Oscars as "woke


He said: "What do you expect? You've got corporate entertainment and corporate media but these people are losing the culture war. If you look where all the interesting things are happening, they are happening in independent media, comedy, and entertainment.

"These people have lost they are the old garb. People don't want this shoved down their throats.

"Hollywood is one place that resoundingly did not have a problem with this. But now you have to meet so many DAI (diversity and inclusion) requirements now, in order to even be nominated for best picture.


Mark Dolan, Chadwick Moore

He claimed that people "don't want this being shoved down their throats"

GBN America

"All of the great movies of the past, even fairly recently such as Spotlight or Beautiful Mind, would now not qualify to be nominated for Best Picture because they didn't have the right racial quota.

"This social engineering that the left is in love with really produces not very good entertainment.

"People are fed up with it. This is probably one of the reasons that Hollywood has resorted to nothing but Marvel movies these days.

"People don't go there for good storytelling anymore, they just go for big action movies."

Chadwick Moore

He claimed Hollywood has resorted to "nothing but Marvel movies"

GBN America

Fans have responded to Elon Musk, and not all of them believe that the Academy Awards have gone "woke."

One person said: "Oppenheimer is woke? Dude, what are you on about?"

Politician Vivek Ramaswamy agreed with the post, commenting: "American History X is an all-time classic that wouldn't even earn a nomination if it were made today."

Another user wrote, "You should buy the Oscars and make them terrible probably cheaper than twitter."

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