WATCH: Stephen Fry reveals real reason Musk and Bezos are trying to get to Mars - ‘We’re DOOMED!’

WATCH: Stephen Fry reveals real reason Musk and Bezos are trying to get to Mars - ‘We’re DOOMED!’
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/11/2023

- 09:54

Updated: 06/11/2023

- 11:35

Stephen Fry said Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have a 'paranoid fear' of Longtermism and Objectivism

Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry has revealed why he believes tech giants Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are set on travelling to Mars.

Speaking to John Cleese on his GB News show The Dinosaur Hour, Fry detailed that the newest owner of X, formerly Twitter, and the Amazon mogul follow the philosophy of Objectivism.Objectivism, a philosophy created by Ayn Rand, is the idea that human knowledge and values exist and are determined by the nature of reality.

They are to be discovered by someone's mind, not created by the thoughts someone has.

Fry claimed that Objectivism is "not very academically fashionable or or admired."

He added that Musk and Bezos also believe in Longtermism, which is the view that we should be doing "much more" to protect the future generations.

Discussing Longtermism with John, Fry said: "This regards the future of humanity in hundreds or if not thousands of years is the most important thing we can think about. And a few pandemics and diseases and climate change are pinpricks in the long history.

"After all, the Ice Age wiped most of us out. But but it gave a small group of surviving humans the chance to become our ancestors."

Relating Longtermism to Musk and Bezos, Fry said: "There's a lot of paranoid fear, that's why you know Musk and Bezos and people are wanting to go to Mars, they know the Earth is absolutely doomed."

"The image I have is we are children playing on the beach, making sand castles with our back to the sea, and on the sea various currents are combining. They are for example by augmentation brain machine interfacing, which is something Elon Musk is doing where you interface with a computer and a computer with you so it reads your thoughts and you can control it with your mind.

"If you like robotics itself, quantum computing and artificial intelligence of different kinds, new materials, nano materials and so on. All of these technologies, which are transformative on their own, not to mention genomics and gene editing, are like separate swells in the ocean that are combining to make a gigantic tsunami.

"And as I say, we are playing on the beach wondering about little things, you know, like this particular strike or whether we, what names we call ourselves or what our identities are, the all these tiny little issues that we are obsessed."

John then asked: "So what's the tsunami?"

Fry replied: "The tsunami is the combination, the confluence of all these technologies, all changing each other."

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