'This is criminal': Taylor Swift fans outraged as £660 VIP tickets leave them with 'restricted view'

Taylor Swift

Taylor fans were left fuming with their view

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 14/06/2024

- 22:22

Taylor Swift is currently on her UK leg of her highly anticipated Era's tour

Taylor Swift has left her long-term fans fuming and disappointed after they shelled out £660 for VIP tickets at her Liverpool Era's gig at Anfield stadium - only to be left with "restricted views".

The American superstar performed in front of a 53,000-strong crowd at the Liverpool FC stadium - breaking the all-time attendance record for the arena.

However, those who paid an extortionate amount to get a "better view" of the Blank Space singer were left regretting their decisions after being unable to see the stage.

The issues with the VIP area were highlighted by TikTok user Zella, who posted her frustration with the poor view of the concert on her page, which quickly amassed over half a million views.

Posting a video of the view, she penned: "Paid £660 for VIP seats and this is our view. We asked and they won't move us. Actually going to cry."

In the video of the stadium, Zella's viewpoint was mainly a large tent and technical equipment blocking the stage.

Taylor Swift

Many fans were left complaining about their view


Swifties flocked to the comment section and advised her to ask to be moved, but the TikToker revealed they had already attempted it, but, were let down due to the show being sold out.

After all the drama, the superfan later revealed that she and her friend were given "press seats" so they could clearly see the Style singer in action - posting a thank you on her page.

She shared: "Thank you to everyone for the support and kindness! We had an amazing time in the end."

Zella and her friends weren't the only ones who were left disappointed as many other Swifties were left unhappy with their seats and took to their social media to complain.

Taylor Swift

Fans had paid £660 for a VIP seat


One attendee shared a photo of their view from their seat which showed what they could see from the top corner of the area, behind the actual stage and said on X: "Some view that," alongside two laughing emojis and a sick emoji."

One fan who paid £60 for their ticket, could see the diamond walkway that Taylor spends some of the show on, but the main stage itself was completely blocked from sight.

"What's the point in going?" another slammed before a third fumed: "Should be illegal that 'view 'imagine that."

One teased: "Could say you were backstage."

Taylor Swift

Taylor is currently doing her UK leg of the Eras tour


"This makes me feel so much better now at having to sell mine last night," a fifth penned before another expressed: "No point going I'd ask for a refund."

Others noted the price was "criminal", whilst some admitted they "may as well stay home". (sic)

It wasn't just her Anfield gig which left some and others missing out, as those who went to see her in Edinburgh were left sour-faced after claiming to also have a restricted view.

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