Russell Brand: Lawyer fears lack of 'fair trial' if taken to court

Russell Brand: Lawyer fears lack of 'fair trial' if taken to court
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 19/09/2023

- 13:00

Chris Daw KC has feared for Russell Brand’s ability to have a fair trial, if the allegations made against him go to court.

Speaking to Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner on Britain’s Newsroom, the Senior Barrister highlighted the possible disadvantages against the 48-year-old comedy star, after four women made allegations of sexual assault, rape, and emotional abuse.

Daw said: “the system is a matter entirely for those who are who wish to make allegations of this kind to decide how to do it. I mean if someone's been affected by sexual violence, they have the option of going to the police. Sadly many people are pushed off from doing so by the chronic under resourcing of the criminal justice system.

“In particular in the area of rape and serious sexual offending where there are a tiny number of police officers in relation to the number of complaints. And also across the entire court system including the Crown Court where I am today.

“There is just a vast under-resource, so victims or complainants or with those who wish to make accusations they can come forward to the police, they often face enormous hurdles and huge delays when they do so.”

Daw continued: “In this case, those who are making the accusations have chosen instead to collaborate with media organisations, The Sunday Times, The Times and Dispatches to get their story out there into the public directly with no legal process in between. And that's their prerogative. They're entitled to do that as anyone is entitled to speak to the media if they wish.

“The difficulty is that it creates a real risk that if there is a formal criminal investigation, and in particular if there is a prosecution that leads to a trial, that it would be very, very difficult to find a jury that has not seen publicity which is arguably significantly and seriously prejudicial to a fair trial for Russell Brand, in this case.”

Watch the interview in full above.

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