Nigel Farage on a return to politics: ‘If there's a role to play, I would not rule it out’

Nigel Farage on a return to politics: ‘If there's a role to play, I would not rule it out’
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Published: 11/12/2023

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NIGEL Farage has said that he would not rule out a return to politics and, asked about an election pact with Boris Johnson, said: “Never say never.”

He told GB News: “As for where life goes from here, I don't know. I've been away from the news for almost a month and from what I can see, the so-called Conservative government, are in a state of total shambles, rudderless, leaderless, utterly useless. They are headed for catastrophe at the next election, deservedly so.

“That's not to say Labour will be any more competent, but somehow to think that we're going to walk out of a jungle of the 23 nights and announce a relaunch in British politics, frankly, is for the birds.”

Asked if might form a pact with Boris Johnson and return to politics, he told Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, he continued: “Never say never. I can't predict right now what will happen.

“What I do think is that our country is being appallingly led. There is no proper opposition policy and that we're living through a population crisis.

“That really has little to do with the small boats, offensive though that is. It is due to the fact that over 17 million people voted for lower immigration, voted for more border controls.

“What they've got, is a Conservative Party in hock to giant multinational businesses who want as much foreign labour as they possibly can. And if you want a GP appointment, you want to get a house for your kids, you want to drive anywhere without being stuck in a terrible traffic jam, you can practically go to hell.”

“I don't believe that any Government, any political class in Westminster has ever been more detached from ordinary folk.

“We are living through a population crisis on a level that nobody could ever, ever anticipate and immigration and numbers in Britain is going to become the dominant issue at the next election and for years to come. And if at some point when I've recovered from the jungle and there's a role to play, I would not rule it out.”

He added: “Ten years ago, there wasn't a single national newspaper, no significant business figure, trade union figure, who supported my views at all. I was the absolute fringe of the fringe. And yet what I stood for, became a majority vote in the referendum.

“I wanted to show people that I'm not a monster. You can disagree with me. You can argue with me, but I have every right to express my views just as you do too.”

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