‘I said things they didn’t like’ Nana Akua SLAMS BBC for treatment of Gary Lineker

‘I said things they didn’t like’ Nana Akua SLAMS BBC for treatment of Gary Lineker
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 13/05/2024

- 13:49

The controversy-prone BBC commentator was embroiled in another scandal

Nana Akua has slammed the BBC for its treatment of Gary Lineker as she claimed that she "lost shows" when she "said things that they didn't like".

Gary Lineker has landed himself in hot water after seemingly referring to the October 7 attacks in Israel as "the Hamas thing".

The controversy-prone BBC presenter remarked the British-American broadcaster Medhi Hasan's Unfiltered programme.

The former England captain, 63, has previously landed himself in hot water for his political interventions which critics see as breaches of the BBC's impartiality rules.

Speaking on GB News, author and journalist Emma Woolf said: "Once again he has been dismissive about what happened on October the 7th".

She added: "Which part of impartiality does Gary Lineker not understand? Has he looked at his payslip recently? He is paid by the BBC and therefore by us."The panel agreed with Woolf, with GB News host Andrew Pierce claiming that he thinks it is "worse" than Lineker used a US broadcaster to make his point.

Andrew said: "People might think that this is a mainstream view because he works for the BBC."

Co-host Nana Akua explained: "I was freelance for the BBC and even if you are freelance, you are still bound by the rules.

"Even if you are just consistently doing a job with that organisation, like when I used to present four or five radio shows a week, then you are part of those impartiality guidelines.4

"My show was political, it wasn't only news so I was in a similar category to him and I had to leave so that I could have my voice.

"I said some things that they didn't like outside the BBC and in the end they took away two of my shows. So they got me."

Woolf said: "Well then why do they keep putting up with Gary Lineker? It is because he is bigger than them?"


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