Matthew Perry latest: Friends stars ‘working on’ joint statement on death

Matthew Perry latest: Friends stars ‘working on’ joint statement on death
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 30/10/2023

- 08:06

Updated: 30/10/2023

- 10:10

The showbiz correspondent said the cast are ‘reeling’ after news of the actor’s untimely demise

THE core cast of Friends are working on a joint tribute to Matthew Perry following his untimely death, according to showbiz correspondent Kinsey Schofield.

She told GB News: “New information is that the core cast of Friends is currently working on a joint statement they can release.

“According to sources they are reeling about the death of Matthew Perry, they say that he was their brother, and that they fiercely protected him through some of his toughest times.

“They believe that this is incredibly unfair, according to one of Lisa Kudrow’s friends, and no one saw this coming because they felt like he was in a really good place that he had one of his best years.”

In a discussion with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, she continued: “He was so quick witted, the sarcasm was just so brilliant and he was handsome.

“But I do think that he helped people that were at home struggling with mental health issues, that he was such an escape for them and he was the soul of that show.

“Now we're finding out about all of this work he did behind the scenes to help other people with addiction. And so while I am seeing those headlines, and people asking questions about could this potentially be related to some sort of drug issue, I would hope that it's not. His friends, co-stars hope that it’s not, deeply hope that it's not.”

She added: “The reality is this is a man that had 14 surgeries related to his addiction issues and there might have been consequences to his body.

“But at this time point in time, we believe fiercely that he was in a good place, challenging his body playing pickleball for two hours, and in a good place mentally and physically, or at least trying to be.”

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