Laura Hamilton makes stance clear on cosmetic procedures as A Place in the Sun fans quiz star on appearance

Laura Hamilton makes stance clear on cosmetic procedures as A Place in the Sun fans quiz star on appearance

WATCH HERE: Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun addressing questions about cosmetic procedures

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 29/03/2024

- 09:31

Updated: 29/03/2024

- 09:41

The 41-year-old presenter admitted she was "frequently" asked about having work done

A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton has candidly addressed fans' queries about her appearance after facing "frequent" probes on social media.

The 41-year-old is a familiar face on the Channel 4 staple and regularly updates her fans with her work trips and personal life on Instagram.

As a result, Hamilton's 197k followers are always keen to put their queries to the presenter and following a recent trip to the dentist, she decided to answer one particular probe she regularly receives.

Taking to Instagram, Hamilton recorded herself in her car and revealed to her followers whether or not she'd had any cosmetic work done to her teeth.

"Hey! It's raining again - surprise, surprise. It is just unbelievable, it's constant," Hamilton began.

She continued: "But I wanted to come onto my stories because I am frequently contacted and asked about my teeth, 'Are they real?' And the answer is, yes they are real.

Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton: The A Place in the Sun host addressed fans' questions


"I've had them straightened a couple of times using Invisilign.

"They're not veneers, they're not bonded, they are mine. But I do love going to the dentist which probably sounds a bit crazy because I know some people are freaked out going to the dentist.

"I actually really enjoy going and I love, in particular, going to see the hygienist. They polish them all up and clean them.

"I haven't been in a few months because my dentist in Spain, Christina, sold her practice so I've had to find somewhere else. And I've found somewhere closer to home in the UK."

Hamilton, who regularly jets across Europe showing house-hunters sun-soaked properties, revealed she's now found a practice in Cobham.

She shared a video of her visit on her main Instagram page with a caption detailing similar to what she said in the video.

However, she did add in the caption that her blood disorder, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, meant she was unable to receive one of the anti-ageing treatments on offer.

It didn't take long for fans to share their thoughts on Hamilton's candor and the "strange" fact she enjoyed visiting the dentist.

A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton

A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton has spoken out about cosmetic procedures


"I am struggling to think of anyone who likes going to the dentist Laura," one follower replied.

"A little strange perhaps!" another echoed before a third weighed in: "I don’t mind the dentist either and the kids go every 6 months."

And a fourth added: "Not a lover of the dentist, understand it’s necessary to keep your teeth looking good and healthy, and your teeth are perfect Laura."

Hamilton isn't the only APITS star to regularly update her fans, with Jasmine Harman recently admitting it's not 'all sun, sea and sangrias' after she ditched the UK for Spain, and Scarlette Douglas sparking concern with her latest health woes.

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