Jonnie Irwin deflated after 'running into problems' at home as major plans derailed

Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin opens up about the 'problems' he's run into at his home

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/08/2023

- 09:34

Updated: 31/08/2023

- 15:47

The former A Place in the Sun star is currently overseeing an entire overhaul of his Newcastle home

Jonnie Irwin is no stranger to keeping his fans in the loop when it comes to the mammoth renovation he's taking on at his house.

With Irwin spending more time at home with his family following his cancer diagnosis, the presenter has been hard at work utilising and refurbishing their home to fulfill its potential.

The presenter was initially diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020 but went public his the news in late-2022 after the disease spread to his brain.

However, he's not let the disease stop him from taking on the stressful task of renovating - although, in his latest update from home, it seems things are far from plain sailing.

Irwin recorded himself outside the front of the home before he began to reel off exactly what the next steps were and what obstacles have been thrown his way.

"Hello all, welcome to another day in paradise," he began. "Sun's out but unfortunately it's a Sunday so the workmen aren't here.

"Progress so far, well... you've gotta get down to get up. Anyway, it's gotta get messy to get better."

Delving into the details, Irwin spun the camera around to show the front of the house.

Jonnei Irwin  sunglasses

Jonnie Irwin has a big decision to make at his home


He continued: "We are here, no windows, one blocked up window, one ripped off cladding and I don't know what that window is still doing there but that should be cut out to be deeper.

"Hopefully the next job... but you have noticed this red rectangular monstrosity.

"That's the frame for the portico... Unfortunately, because we have to go 10 centimetres deeper, that's a critical amount of light we're blocking out.

"It was borderline anyway but if you can imagine that is gonna be solid wood in front of a glazed front door.

"So that hallway has little natural light, so I've either got to put a skylight here, or into the existing flat roof next door."

Mulling over the decision he faces, Irwin revealed: "I think the latter option is probably preferable but more expensive, and obviously just putting a skylight in is more expensive.

"But it's all down to that drain down there," he said as he directed the camera at the awkwardly placed feature.

Trying to stay upbeat, he continued: "Oh, well, it's the joys of refurbishment I suppose.

"You've got to expect the unexpected costs and delays, that's why I always say allow at least 10 percent contingency fund.

"Yeah, it's all looking right tip at the moment but hopefully we'll make some progress soon."

Irwin accompanied the video update with a caption in which he reeled off yet another problem when it comes to one of the roofs he wants to put in.

He penned: "As James Brown once said 'you’ve to get up to get down' but the builders have spent the past couple of weeks taking things down to enable us to improve the facade.

Jonnie Irwin shows off his house renovations

Jonnie Irwin shows off his house renovations and the building work to be done


"Running into problems is par for the course- finding solutions is the challenge.

"I’ve since found out that the flat roof I want to put a lantern in is made out of bl**dy concrete!

"Bit of head scratching tonight and find a way forward tomorrow," he signed off.

Despite the stumbling blocks standing in Irwin's way, a number of fans rushed to encourage him to keep on going and praise the work already carried out.

One fan replied in the comments section: "Johnny you are amazing never doubt that x."

While a second agreed: "You are such an inspiration johnnie, I'm sure you will come to a fantastic conclusion and it will look fabulous. Love to you all."

Elsewhere, a third penned: "It's coming on great Jonnie, theres always snags when doing up the house xx."

And a fourth echoed: "Looking great Jonnie, you'll come up with a solution for sure!" (sic)

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