SNEAK PEEK: First look at John Cleese's highly-anticipated GB News show

John Cleese on his new GB News show

John Cleese's new GB News show is coming soon!

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 24/08/2023

- 11:57

The legendary comedy actor's all-new GB News show is coming to Britain's screens later this year

John Cleese's hotly-anticipated new show is on its way to GB News!

Announced in GB News' all-new September promo package, fans will get to see the first sneak peak of the iconic actor ahead of the string of his exclusive shows.

The new show promises to be a no-holds-barred account from the comedy legend himself as he tackles the ostracising media elite.

Cleese has "complete creative freedom" over the project and has joined forces with Free Speech Nation star Andrew Doyle who'll serve as executive producer.

Unpredictable, engaging, informative, and fun-filled, Cleese's programme promises to be like none other seen on-screen before.

And news of Cleese's arrival on GB News will undoubtedly thrill fans who've been patiently waiting since the beginning of the year to see the comic in action.

Cleese teased his upcoming show back in January when he said in a promo clip: "Hello, I used to be John Cleese and I'm gonna be doing some shows for GB News."

Demonstrating his quick wit, he continued: "For two reasons; one, they asked me to; and two, they want programming for viewers who are completely out of touch, a much-neglected demographic.

"So stay out of touch with me," Cleese triumphantly signed off.

Executive producer Doyle also promised that the new show "like John himself, it will be far from predictable".

Cleese has never been one to shy away or conform to the bizarre and hypocritical standards put forward by the mainstream media.

And with the people of Great Britain in mind, his new show promises to address the issues held close to the nation's hearts - all with his signature dry wit and tongue-in-cheek demeanor attached.

Camilla Tominey (left) and John Cleese (right)

Camilla Tominey (left) and John Cleese (right) have spoken on GB News

GB News

Whether it be debunking the woke brigade's latest tirade on free speech or poking holes in the hypocrisy that is cancel culture, fans can expect it all with Cleese at the helm.

Cleese has already made a number of appearances on the people's channel so far, speaking with the likes of Camilla Tominey and Dan Wootton on their respective shows.

But this time, Cleese is in the driving seat and fans will want to keep the date in their diaries open for when his new show arrives.

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