James May blasts major car brand for 'spoiling everything for Brits' by pulling models from market

James May

James May has slammed Volvo for its latest marketing decision

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/08/2023

- 09:11

Updated: 04/08/2023

- 09:44

The Grand Tour host has taken to Twitter to publicly called out car manufacturer, Volvo

James May has hit out at Volvo for "ruining his life" after their latest marketing decision in the UK.

The former Top Gear star took to Twitter to slam the car manufacturer's decision to solely sell SUVs in the country for now as it looks to adapt its marketing strategy.

In a series of swipes aimed at the Swedish car giants, May fumed on the social media site: "Volvo has announced that, from now on, it will only make SUVs. So my assumption of an agreeable Volvo saloon in retirement has been snatched from me.

"This is the second time Volvo has ruined my life. For the first time, see my book Carbolics. #VeryObtusePlug," he added.

May included a snap of the chapter in his book titled "Volvo ruined my life" alongside the cover.

Soon after, Volvo issued a response to The Grand Tour star: "Hi James - we're so sorry to have ruined your life (again).

James May next to a blue car

James May is best known for presenting Top Gear and The Grand Tour


"To clarify, we're still making saloon and estate cars," it added. "This is purely a sales decision in the UK market, where demand for SUVs is especially strong."

However, clearly dissatisfied with the response, May hit back once more: "Volvo ruins my life for the third time by publicly fact-shaming me.

"But I should have included ‘for the UK’ for absolutely clarity.

"They are only spoiling everything for British people. Foreigners can still buy proper Volvos, and should."

Volvo has removed its V60 and S60 models from its website, as well as the larger V90.

The move comes as Volvo shifts towards a focus on electric vehicles in the near-future.

A statement released by Volvo at the time of the decision read [via Autocar]: "We will naturally need to evolve and consolidate our line-up as we prioritise fully electric cars and make this technological transition.

“As a result, we have removed further models from the UK line-up. These include the S60, V60 and V90.”

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May present The Grand Tour


“Meanwhile, appetite for our saloon and estate models has fallen to very low levels in the UK, which has led to our decision to remove these models from sale in the UK.”

May's take on Volvo's decision appeared to split his fanbase who were quick to share their thoughts on his scathing criticism.

One fan said to May: "James, if you really want one, then go and buy a new Volvo estate whilst they still have new stock. You can’t complain about U.K. sales ending if you don’t buy one!"

While a second argued in May's favour: "Oh god I hate SUVs."

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