James Corden moans 'I don't have that money anymore' after ditching LA for UK: 'Took quite the pay cut'

James Corden moans 'I don't have that money anymore' after ditching LA for UK: 'Took quite the pay cut'

WATCH HERE: James Corden discusses moving back the Britain after ditching UK with Jimmy Kimmel

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/04/2024

- 12:06

Updated: 04/04/2024

- 14:11

The former late night talk show host returned to US screens this week

James Corden has bemoaned the pay cut he had to take after leaving his job on The Late, Late Show in the USA for a return to Britain.

The 45-year-old spent eight years as the face of late night TV in the USA after upping sticks with his family in 2015 until its finale in 2023.

His wife Julia and their three children returned to the UK last year to be closer to family and Corden has returned to work on-stage after joining the cast of the play, The Constituent - as well as facing rumours of a possible Gavin and Stacey reboot.

He's also launched a new podcast where he speaks to fellow famous faces and to promote the show, he headed back to the States this week to chat with Jimmy Kimmel.

While the conversation did venture towards the play and his podcast, Corden also took a moment to chat about leaving the USA for a return to the UK - although admitted it was quite the lifestyle change.

"It's an adjustment because... I feel like when the day comes when you say, 'I'm gonna stop hosting this show', I really like I'm ready to help you or any other host," Corden began.

James Corden

James Corden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel this week


He continued: "You don't understand how institutionalised you are, it's extraordinary. But you're institutionalised in a world where you get a standing ovation at the end of every day. What I've realised is it's really bad for you."

Kimmel then teased Corden as he asked if his family give him a similar reception, to which he said: "I'd go as far to say I get the opposite. I get eye rolls.

"My youngest daughter is six, she's an American, right, she for some reason is holding on to her American accent. My other children, their transitions are slightly easier.

"But she's talking like she's Samantha from Sex and the City. I'm not joking.

"So I'll come home and no I won't get a standing ovation, all I'll get is Charlotte going, 'It's raining... again!'"

James Corden and Ruth Jones

James Corden and Ruth Jones have faced Gavin and Stacey rumours since he returned to the UK


Kimmel remarked Corden's family must've acclimatised to their life in LA, to which Corden replied by complaining about the financial difference between the two.

He said: "Yeah, and they thought we had all this money and I don't have this money anymore. This is the problem, they thought we had all this money because I had all this money and now - I'm in a play!

"I don't have (this money). So this trip actually, me being here now, this is the first time the kids are coming back to LA and it's a risk to my wife and I. It's a big swing.

"We want them to have a nice time but we don't want them to be like, 'Why did we leave here?' Which if I'm honest, even I (question) with this beautiful weather.

"So me and Jules are looking at the forecast like, 'We could do with a bit of rain.'"

James Corden

James Corden has had to take 'quite the pay cut' after leaving USA


Corden went on to admit he "missed loads" about the USA before going on to joke about the reception he's received in the UK since returning home hasn't exactly been the most understanding.

"People are very nice, but nobody believes that I wasn't fired," Corden said to laughter from the crowd. "I'll be in a pub and people will be like, 'So why did you come back?'

"And I'll be like, 'Max has just finished sixth grade and we really want him to have a relationship with his grandparents...' And people are honestly like, 'You don't have to give me that bulls**t mate, if you got fired you got fired!'

"Nobody wants to believe you would believe that you left a cushy existence."

As the conversation rolled on toward his work projects, Corden quipped: "It's quite the pay cut Jimmy, let me tell you that. It is is quite the pay cut."

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