‘Nigel’s a steady guy, he can go a long way in the camp’ says former ‘I’m a celebrity’ contestant

‘Nigel’s a steady guy, he can go a long way in the camp’ says former ‘I’m a celebrity’ contestant
Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 21/11/2023

- 08:33

Former Olympic javelin thrower and ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant Fatima Whitbread thinks Nigel Farage can "go a long way" in the contest.

Speaking to GB News Fatima, who came third in the 2011 series, said;

“I don’t think Nigel is one who will be easily triggered; he’s a sensible guy and I think he can be quite a funny guy.

“I think he’ll be a calming influence around camp.

“What I’d like to say to the general public is: put yourself in that situation. Regardless of who you are in terms of what your work is, he’s a human being like all of us and if you look at the guy, take him for what he is.

“He seems to me like he’ll be someone who goes a long way in the camp.”

Lifting the lid on what life is like on th show she continued: “It’s every bit as you would see it and I’m often asked, ‘do you sneak out at night time to eat, do you sleep in the local hotel?’

“And the answer is ‘no’ – what you see is what you get.

“For those that are going in, they lose all their home comforts, they’re stripped right back to the bone. They’ve got no contact with families and loved ones, they don’t have any social media so it’s just about getting on with the other campmates.

“Having a cockroach stuck at the back of my nose, feeling its furry little legs moving, it was quite awful really. It was 40 minutes - they edit right down a lot of what you see but it was 40 minutes before I could get that thing to come back down.

“It was almost like someone had shaken up a really fizzy drink and I said to the doctor, ‘where’s this thing going to come out?’ and he said ‘It can come out four places: It can either come out the ears, the nose, the mouth or the eyes.

“I started to get concerned when it wouldn’t come down; it felt too comfortable up there. I was a bit panicky.

“From what I’ve seen in the first programme, Nigel seems quite a steady guy. Taking back his political stance, I think he’s a regular guy who has got quite a good sense of humour.

“He’s got a good handle on stuff; I think he’ll get on very well with people in the camp because it can be really difficult in the camp situation when there’s extreme conditions like people getting hungry, tired, getting sassy…

“Living in close proximity like that they can rub each other up the wrong way.

“There’ll be a lot of rain in camp, there’s no hiding from that. When I was in Australia I remember they didn’t put the canopy over the top so it was damp at night too. It’s not your normal conditions you live in.

“There’s no time to get bored - well there is time to get bored in one way. If you’re not doing the trials, it can be a long day. But because you’re amongst twelve other campmates, you’re constantly doing different jobs around the camp – if you’re doing your job properly.

“You get to know other campmates in there. They’re all large characters, they’ve all got large egos, and it can be quite a trial in itself.

“The rows are the entertainment part. Most of what TV likes to catch is the needle side of what a person reacts to when they’re tired and hungry: you will always get somebody who rubs someone up the wrong way.

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