Eamonn Holmes shares worrying prediction for future of marriages - ‘I hope Ruth isn’t listening!’

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Published: 21/03/2023

- 15:11

Updated: 21/03/2023

- 15:41

Eamonn Holmes has shared his prediction for the future of marriages.

The GB News Breakfast host was joined by Kerry Katona and Liz Taylor to discuss Rupert Murdoch getting married for the fifth time.

Eamonn said: "I have a theory that in 100 years time or so they'll look back and they'll laugh at 2023 and they'll say, ‘do you know back then? They expected people to stay with each other for life, can you believe it?’

"I think genuinely in the future there'll be some sort of civilised arrangement where like a car, you can trade in your partner every seven years or something. And I think everybody will remain friends."

Liz Taylor responded: “I hope that Ruth isn't listening to this when you refer to trading her in! I think that you might find the locks changed tonight.”

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