Dick Strawbridge spills on how 'rowdiest crowd ever' derailed show on US tour: 'Lots of people started doing it!'

Dick Strawbridge spills on how 'rowdiest crowd ever' derailed show on US tour: 'Lots of people started doing it!'

WATCH HERE: Dick and Angel Strawbridge appear on US TV to discuss their tour

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 16/03/2024

- 07:01

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 14:14

The 64-year-old and his wife Angel Adoree have been touring Stateside of late

Dick Strawbridge has shared with his fans the unexpected reaction he and his wife Angel Adoree received from an audience while in the USA.

The Escape to the Chateau stars are currently touring the States with their stage show, Dare to Do It, and have shared several updates from their time sightseeing alongside children Arthur and Dorothy.

The former Channel 4 duo have headed to Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, Boston and New York, entertaining their fans with a whole host of unique stories, insight, and tips and tricks.

But during one of the gigs, Strawbridge and Adoree found proceedings went slightly off the rails after the "rowdy" audience began shouting out.

They explained all on their podcast, Dick & Angel's Chat...Eau, as they reminisced over their time across the pond.

In the latest episode, Strawbridge said to his other half: "Atlanta... you've got a lot of history there. It's really a place where you feel like you're coming home."

Dick and Angel

Dick and Angel are have been touring the States this month


Adoree weighed in: "Do you know, the first thing about Atlanta is that the people are so, so warm.

"It's a place that you might not go to visit unless you know people there, but the crowd in Atlanta..." she continued before letting out an overwhelmed expression.

"At this show, it was probably one of the rowdiest crowds we've ever had," Strawbridge cut in to which Adoree agreed: "Absolutely."

Keen not to get any wires crossed, Strawbridge continued: "It wasn't heckling, it's not classed as heckling when people stand up randomly and shout, 'I love you!'

"Apparently, it's not heckling, they were just sort of nice," he continued as Adoree explained further how the outpouring of support altered the show.

She said: "We can only sort of take things at face value but it was like people tended to wear their hearts on their sleeve a little bit more I guess.

"Someone stood up in the audience, as you say, and shouted, 'We love you!' And I think it got quite a lovely reaction and it sort of started lots of other people doing it as well."

However, the unplanned disruption clearly didn't irk the Escape to the Chateau pair as Adoree added: "Our souls were sort of glowing."

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel faced their 'rowdiest crowd ever' in Atlanta


While Strawbridge and Adoree are clearly forming fond memories Stateside, they have come under fire following a recent social media post involving their children, Arthur and Dorothy.

In a recent post from New York, Escape to the Chateau fans fiercely defended the duo when one disgruntled follower quizzed the husband and wife duo on why their children weren't in school.

One person jumped to the pair's defence as they replied: "Blagh!!!! Stop!!! These wonderful children are getting more of an education than half of the children sitting sleeping at their desk." (sic)

The criticism comes just weeks after Strawbridge admitted he was bringing his children up "like I was in the 1960s" with a lack of screens and technology.

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