Countryfile viewers rage 'agenda is out of control' as fans slam 'climate change lecture' - 'I'm bored to tears!'

Countryfile's Tom Heap

Countryfile's Tom Heap sparks backlash with climate change segment

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 31/07/2023

- 09:07

Updated: 01/08/2023

- 08:26

The farming show dedicated a huge chunk of its Sunday slot to how the current heatwaves across Europe are affvectign marine life.

Fans of the BBC show appear to have grown tired with Countryfile's current format and subject matter during its primetime Sunday night slot.

On July 30, Charlotte Smith and Adam Henson delivered lengthy segments on the process of hay-making while reporter Tom Heap set out to sea to investigate the threat to sea life posed by heatwaves across Europe.

After telling viewers that "average sea temperatures are warmer than ever recorded before", Heap set sail with marine biologist Dr Matt Frost to see for himself how the heat is taking its toll.

Heap then issued a stark warning in regards to plankton, "an organism vital to all life on Earth and highly susceptible to changes in temperature".

The presenter's 13-minute-long segment drew to a close with Dr Frost issuing a damning verdict as he told Heap: "We're predicting things like shifts in the distribution of species, changes in sea surface temperatures. changes in sea-level rise and a whole range of things.

"So when you see changes in the plankton, that's also showing up as changes in the fish. And then, when you look at what's going on on the seabed and other places, that's having a knock-on effect.

"And when we started, it kind of felt like these things might happen, you know, mid-21st century - we were projecting very long timelines.

Countryfile's Tom Heap and Dr Matt Frost

Countryfile's Tom Heap speaks to Dr Matt Frost


"What we're actually seeing is those changes are occurring a lot sooner than we expected, and they're also happening at a greater rate.

"It's pretty much conclusive now that it's being driven by what we call anthropogenic or man-made warming.

"So yes, there's always been this natural variability but the fact we're pumping a lot of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere... We're talking about climate change but there's a fair strong like now to say that's driving a lot of this warming."

Dr Frost finished his verdict by adding: "I think my feeling is one of urgency. I think there's a sense we don't have a lot of time if we wanted to deal with these things."

Heap nodded in agreement with Dr Frost but for those tuning in, many voiced their disdain at dedicating so much of the "farming" show to climate change.

Taking to Twitter, one fan fumed: "#Countryfile is just basically a weekly climate change lecture now. Give it a f*****g rest!"

Which prompted another viewer to concur: "Totally agree . Honestly the agenda is getting out of control!"

Elsewhere, another viewer weighed in: "Countryfile just fills me with doom these days. Where has all the joy gone? #countryfile."

While a fourth hit out: "#Countryfile Used to love Countryfile I’m now bored to tears with the climate propaganda."

Countryfile's Adam Henson

Countryfile's Adam Henson examines hay


BBC viewers weren't only displeased with the show's warning related to climate change either.

Later in the programme, Adam examined how superior strands of hay are given to horses used in top-level polo matches.

The segment was branded as out of touch by many who felt they were unable to relate or find interest in the report.

Addressing the segment, one viewer raged: "In the middle of a cost of living crisis. Half the world is on fire, the other half flooding and #Countryfile run a piece on hay supply for elite Polo horses."

While a second sarcastically blasted: "#Countryfile have gone down the populist route this week. Devoting a large chunk of the show to #Polo.

"It's what we're talking about down the #Foodbank," they added.

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