Channel 5 The Cuckoo viewers fume over glaring blunder just minutes into episode - 'Ridiculous!'

Channel 5 The Cuckoo viewers fume over glaring blunder just minutes into episode - 'Ridiculous!'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 09/04/2024

- 22:44

Updated: 10/04/2024

- 07:53

Viewers thought the scene was too unrealistic to make sense

The Cuckoo was back with its second episode on Tuesday as the Channel 5 drama continued after its debut instalment.

However, not long into the episode, viewers pointed out a "far-fetched" error in the storyline, while others went on to label the series "ridiculous".

The drama tells the story of Sian (played by Jill Halfpenny), a lodger to a family-of-three who have recently made a move to the countryside.

While the mysterious Sian befriends schoolgirl Alice (Freya Hannan-Mills) and mum Jessica (Claire Goose), dad Nick (Lee Ingleby) soon becomes suspicious of her.

A synopsis for the drama reads: “As their family reaches breaking point, Jessica and Nick uncover the truth of Sian's troubled past.

“In a race against time, Jessica and Nick must track down Sian before she can inflict any more pain on the family. As Jessica confronts Sian, she mysteriously disappears.”

Alice and Sian

The Cuckoo viewers pointed out a blunder in the episode

Channel 5

Sian continued to behave strangely in Tuesday's episode, although Jessica and Alice seemed blind to her bizarre actions.

At one point, unbeknownst to Nick and Jessica, Sian decided to rush to Alice’s school to pick her up when a teacher phoned the house to say she’d been involved in an incident.

Sian was able to walk in and ignore the teacher’s requests for a chat, instead leading Alice away as she drove the teenager out of the school.

Several fans pointed out the scene was unrealistic as schools wouldn't allow a student to be led away by a stranger and should have clarified whether or not Sian was Alice’s mother.

The Cuckoo

Only Nick saw through Sian's strange behaviour

Channel 5

Taking to X, one penned: “What great safeguarding that school has. #TheCuckoo.”

“#TheCuckoo so she's pretending to be the kid's mum now and the school didn't notice?” another asked.

“Wait why didn’t they phone the mum’s mobile phone first? #thecuckoo,” someone else echoed.

“This is so far-fetched. I was hoping for better than this #TheCuckoo @channel5_tv,” one X user admitted.

Another complained: “Lodger has now taken complete control of the household in a matter of days. How bl**** pathetic are these people. #TheCuckoo.”

Jill Halfpenny as Sian

Jill Halfpenny stars in new drama The Cuckoo

Channel 5

Echoing this, another commented: “A lodger moves in and within a couple of days she has become so trusted by two members of the family?!? A tad ridiculous #TheCuckoo.”

However, others were quick to defend the drama, with one enthusing: “Oh my this is great telly !! #TheCuckoo.”

“I’m a f***ing bunny boiler so I obviously love this drama #TheCuckoo,” another agreed.

The opening episode also saw complaints flood in online as those tuned in labelled The Cuckoo “dull” and “predictable”.

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