CBB fans left baffled and demand final was ‘fixed’ as Louis Walsh places fourth: ‘Weirdest final ever’

CBB fans left baffled and demand final was ‘fixed’ as Louis Walsh places fourth: ‘Weirdest final ever’

Zeze Millz and Marisha Wallace evicted from Big Brother

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 22/03/2024

- 22:34

Celebrity Big Brother saw David Potts crowned as the 2024 winner after surviving three weeks in the house

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left stunned when it was revealed that Louis Walsh had placed fourth in the series – noting he was the “most entertaining” throughout the series.

Fern Britton placed fifth, Colson Smith came third, Nikita Kuzmin walked out to second place, which left David Potts as the 2024 winner.

As Walsh’s name was announced by host AJ Odudu, he leapt out of his seat and embraced his fellow Housemates before making his way out of the house and back into society.

Sitting down with Odudu and Will Best, he was asked about his time and the fact that he liked to gossip about his former friends and A-list celebrities.

Discussing his time with Sharon Osbourne, Walsh noted: “We had great fun! We had the best fun, I hope no one heard our chats. No holds barred.”

Laughing, Odudu broke the news: “We very much know that! Did you love the gossip with her?” to which he said: “Absolutely.

Louis Walsh

Fans were left baffled when Louis place fourth


“There’s no holds barred and we’re just honest with each other. We don’t want anything from each other, we’re just pals. The public are not stupid, they see through it.”

Whilst Walsh was pleased to finally be out of the house, fans were left stunned that he placed fourth, despite the way he had caused some drama throughout the series, and took to their X account to slam the vote.

“Louis? I'm shocked and flabbergasted!” one user slammed as another exclaimed: “WHAT THE HELL?!??!?”

Another furious viewer expressed: “LOUIS WAS ROBBED!!! BEST HOUSEMATE OF THE SERIES BY FAR.”

Louis Walsh and Sinitta

Sinitta brought Louis down a peck telling him he was being too rude


“GUYS WHAT IS GOING ON? I was sure Louis would be Top 2,” one confused watcher asked before a fourth noted: “Wtf Louie now I know it’s fixed.”

“Louis 4th place the only real celebrity and entertaining one,” another slammed before a sixth said: “This is the weirdest final I’ve ever watched.”

Not everyone was left unhappy with the vote, as one Big Brother viewer praised: “Thank you god Louis didn’t win.” (sic)

Walsh has yet to see the repercussions of the comments he made against Jedward – previously calling them vile – but he was quickly put in his place last night after receiving a visit from good friend Sinitta.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh placed fourth in the Big Brother series


As the pair embraced at the rendezvous, she bluntly advised: “Sit down, I need to talk to you. First of all, you cannot pick up a broom, a dishcloth, nothing, a mop?

“I need to tell you some home truths quickly, baby, you know when I first met you, you said it was always good to be nice.

“But Louis, everybody in the house is nice except you. Who are you Henry VIII? I think you can win this though.”

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