Carol Vorderman spews 'I'm fuming' as she blasts King Charles over 'death tax' expose: 'STOP taking money!'

Carol Vorderman spews 'I'm fuming' as she blasts King Charles over 'death tax' expose: 'STOP taking money!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 27/11/2023

- 11:53

The King has faced criticism from Republicans and now Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman has shared her thoughts on The Guardian's latest investigation into how the Duchy of Lancaster receives unclaimed funds from deaths in parts of north-west England.

The report claimed the money was funneled into the King's private income, although the duchy has denied that unclaimed funds go into this royal income.

It's been reported that over the last decade, £60million has been collected and while most unclaimed estates from members of the public go to the Treasury, those in the 45,000 acres of the Duchy of Lancaster go back to the duchy.

This is known by the Latin term Bona vacantia and The Guardian's expose has since questioned whether the system is "antiquated".

While the report led to swathes of Republican outrage, former Countdown star Vorderman has now weighed in.

"I'm fuming," the 63-year-old began on X, formerly Twitter. "King Charles, through Duchy of Lancaster, received over £60m in 10 yrs from people without known blood relative dying without making a will. NOTE: Duchy of Cornwall (Prince William) does the same.

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman has taken to X, formerly Twitter, to slam the King


"Royal income is not accountable like a public body (it should be) so a difficult investigation for @guardian.

"ROYAL RESOLUTION today. Invest £100m into 'ethical funds' & keep collecting the money.

"OUR RESOLUTION. STOP taking the money AND give what you have taken already to charities in those areas. Imagine the difference that would make," Vorderman signed off.

However, Vorderman was soon met by a number of X users who took issue with her stance, including one member of the public who responded to her claims: "You’re fuming as you lacked knowledge of British history and law?"

Vorderman doubled down on her viewpoint as she hit back: "I'm fuming because of a feudal system still operating without public consent & the lack of accountability in Royal funding.

"(The X user) seems happy because it's 'British history'. Silly me...thinking people today should have equal rights or that Royal accounts should be transparent."

Vorderman's thoughts were echoed by a number of anti-monarchists over the weekend once the investigation came to light.

One person fumed on social media: "This is horrifying to know that the bl**dy royals have their claws on the estates of deceased people. Yet another reason to abolish the grifters."

King Charles

King Charles III has come under fire since the report was published


Which prompted a second to echo: "And then when he dies, he'll bequeath all these to his beloved wife/queen consort.

"In turn, she'll leave the assets to her children as beneficiaries. Never mind the heir & spare. The dead people worked in vain! Their own families won't get a penny! This is gross!"

A third said: "It’s not secret. It’s the law. What did anyone think they were doing with the cash. Their whole existence is based on stealing from the populace." (sic)

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