Caitlyn Jenner blasts 'radical rainbow mafia' as the 'woke mob' have hurt trans community

Caitlyn Jenner blasts 'radical rainbow mafia' as the 'woke mob' have hurt trans community
Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 08/12/2023

- 10:24

Updated: 08/12/2023

- 10:36

Caitlyn Jenner rails against ‘radical rainbow mafia’ in discussion with John Cleese

CAITLYN Jenner has hit out against the “rainbow woke mafia” for stirring up unnecessary controversy.

Speaking exclusively to John Cleese on GB News, she said: “I hate it. I am so against it. I mean, take trans people, I think they've taken the woke ideology and are just taking it to the max and worse.

"I'm a common sense person, I like to think I'm the adult in the room that has had a lot of experiences in life.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner says the woke mob have hurt the trans community

GB News

“ I've gone through a lot in my life. And I've learned a lot and I know kind of how the world works.

"I call them the radical rainbow mafia. In the LGBT community, there is a small group that has taken that over, even in the trans community, a small group of highly, well, crazy people.

“They're not good for trans people in general, because they're so outspoken and trans women are real women and they're yelling at people, and you're not going to get anywhere like that.”

Opening up during a discussion on Cleese’s GB News series, called The Dinosaur Hour, Jenner continued: “Social media gives them a big, loud microphone and the media loves it because it's very controversial.

“A small group of people in the LGBT community have this big social media microphone that's out there and they want to get clicks. They want to be celebrities, they want to be influencers.

“And honestly, I think that really hurts most trans people. All they want to do is just go live their life.”

Urging ministers to keep out of decisions in this area she added: “I want the government out of the trans business. I would like to see the media out of the trans business, I don't even want the government paying for gender reassignment surgery, none of that stuff.

“This is a decision between the child, the parents, mother and father, and a doctor. Those are the ones making a decision. I feel like the government is coming in and teaching these kids. Why? Because they're trying to break up the family.”

On trans women competing in women's sports, she said: “It's not good for trans people, it makes them look selfish, self-indulgent. It's like all about me, it’s not about all these other girls I’m beating.”

John Cleese

Caitlyn Jenner was speaking to John Cleese on the Dinosaur Hour

GB News

The interview form part the Dinosaur Hour series which Cleese says came about after GB News made him “the most extraordinary offer in the history of television”.

Speaking earlier this month about the new series, Cleese said: ““I’ve had no interference of any kind and it has been joyful,” he said. “Can you imagine the BBC doing that? It would be subject to committee A and then you’d go to committee B.”

The Dinosaur Hour series features John in conversation with friends and “the people who interest me most” as they tackle a range of issues from Creativity, The Press, Religion, Woke, and Friendship.

Celebrity guests have included Stephen Fry, Rob Schneider, Lionel Shriver, Sir Tim Rice, Sir Trevor McDonald, and others.


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