BBC Pilgrimage star Christine McGuinness admits being warned by previous star prior to taking part in show

BBC Pilgrimage star Christine McGuinness admits being warned by previous star prior to taking part in show

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 29/03/2024

- 09:00

Updated: 01/04/2024

- 16:13

The 36-year-old was unsure about taking part in the series

BBC Pilgrimage recently returned to screens with a new host of famous faces seeing what they can take away from the trek, which this time is through North Wales.

While most who take part enjoy the experience, it can be gruelling and one of this year’s contestants, Christine McGuinness, was warned about taking part.

Speaking to GB News and other media, McGuinness was asked if she expected the experience to be as much fun as it was.

“I didn’t, I’ll be honest,” the 36-year-old replied. “I don’t want to give their name out but I spoke to a previous cast member…

“I rang them up and I was like, ‘I’ve been asked to do this, I don’t know – what do you think?’

“And their reply was ‘it is an amazing show, it’s the BBC, it’s lovely, you’ll learn lots. But for you, you might just get a bit bored.’

Christine McGuinness

McGuinness joined a group of famous faces in North Wales for the pilgrimage


“They weren’t saying the experience was boring, they were just saying for me as I’m used to being busy and with the kids and things like that, would I be OK with all the time in my own head?

“And I got there and there wasn’t a moment really for me to be in my own head!”

Agreeing, co-star Sonali Shah joked: “Yeah, we didn’t even give each other a break!”

Elsewhere, McGuiness opened up about another element of the show that surprised her.

Christine McGuiness

McGuiness was warned before going on the series


Talking about being in close quarters with the rest of the group, which consisted of Michaela Strachan, Spencer Matthews, Eshaan Akbar, Tom Rosenthal, Amanda Lovett and Shah, McGuinness admitted she thought it would be tough.

“We had to be together and for me, that's what, you know, I'm ok with getting on with people, but continuing a friendship for me is what I struggle with.

“Just listening to everybody else's stories and seeing how this lot seem to just live life... they seem to just grab opportunities with both hands, which I do not do,” she revealed.

She added: “It just made me feel like, 'this life is actually quite amazing'.”

Pilgrimage stars

The celebrities took part in a pilgrimage through North Wales


Touching on maintaining close friendships and her past struggles, she admitted: “You've got to open the door, you've got to pick up the phone, you've got to keep in touch with people if you are friends.”

At one point, comedian Akbar cooked a meal for the group. Reflecting on this, McGuinness recalled: “It was so intense, the time we spent together. I've never done that before. This is the first time I'd ever eaten with a group of people I didn't know.”

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