BBC Death in Paradise star drops huge filming update with first glimpse at Ralf Little replacement

BBC Death in Paradise star drops huge filming update with first glimpse at Ralf Little replacement

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 15/05/2024

- 15:07

Updated: 15/05/2024

- 15:15

Filming for the BBC series has commenced in Guadeloupe with a new detective in charge

Death in Paradise fans could barely contain their excitement when long-serving star Don Warrington shared a series of snaps from the set.

After Ralf Little exited the BBC series earlier this year, bosses unveiled Don Gilet as his successor and anticipation levels for his debut have been high ever since.

Gilet, whose CV boasts roles in EastEnders and Netflix's The Stranger, will join Warrington's Commissioner Selwyn Patterson as the new lead detective, DI Mervin Wilson.

He'll make his debut alongside Warrington and the rest of the cast on-screen at Christmas-time and now, Warrington has revealed filming has commenced on the new episodes.

"Back to work," he penned on Instagram alongside a clapperboard and palm tree emoji before concluding with the hashtag: "#deathinparadise."

In the first of a series of snaps, Warrington can be seen in character as Selwyn exiting a police vehicle to meet Ginny Holder's Darlene Curtis.

Don Warrington

Don Warrington has shared an exciting Death in Paradise update


The second photo of the post is taken a few yards from the set as Warrington captured a bright yellow van emblazoned with a news channel's logo while the BBC crew gathered around.

The third snap in the series is one that appears to have piqued fans' interest the most, however, as it seems to show Warrington's Selwyn introducing Gilet's DI Mervin Wilson to Saint Marie.

Warrington concluded the peek behind the scenes with a snap of him in Selwyn's iconic Commissioner uniform while being followed by the Death in Paradise film crew.

Inevitably, Warrington's filming update quickly sparked excitement among his followers and Death in Paradise fans.

"Introducing the new Inspector to the police station?" one eagle-eyed fan queried before a second penned in response to the caption: "Delighted to hear it, Commissioner."

A third praised the crew's efforts: "That's quite an operation behind the scenes making this great show."

"Yay... can’t wait for the new season to start and the Christmas show as well," shared a fourth before a fifth praised: "SO grateful... You are my favourite character!"

Fans will have to wait and see what's in store for DI Wilson but in the meantime, Gilet has assured fans he's well aware of the significance the role poses.

"Being offered the new lead role in Death in Paradise feels like a deeply loved and incredibly precious jewel has been placed in my hands," he said when his appointment was announced.

He went on: "This is a big show, with a big heart and the love continually grows for it.

BBC Death in Paradise

BBC Death in Paradise: Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson


"It is my intention to never lose sight of that and to remain grateful, humbled and dedicated.

"Even during those testing times when every sinew is screaming at me to run off the set and dive into the sea, swimming pool or an ice-cold beer – whichever happens to be closer at the time!"

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