BBC outrage as fresh 'bias' row erupts after Radio Scotland's Kaye Adams says politicians 'not human beings'

BBC outrage as fresh 'bias' row erupts after Radio Scotland's Kaye Adams says politicians 'not human beings'

WATCH NOW: Kaye Adams says Sturgeon and politicians 'not human beings'

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 25/01/2024

- 11:53

Updated: 25/01/2024

- 13:15

The radio host was discussing former SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and the Covid Inquiry

BBC Radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams has landed the corporation in a fresh impartiality row after she said the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and other politicians were "not human beings".

The Loose Women panelist made the comments on her BBC Radio Scotland show Morning with Kaye Adams on Wednesday, January 24 in a discussion about transparency during the ongoing UK Covid Inquiry.

Adams welcomed journalist Kelly Given onto the show as the host began questioning former First Minister Sturgeon following the news she was accused of deleting WhatsApp messages during the pandemic.

However, Sturgeon has previously stated that she never used the informal messaging service to make decisions during the pandemic.

Keen to hear Given's thoughts on the situation, Adams quizzed the Scottish reporter: "Are you concerned about transparency?"

"No, this entire palaver is about deleted messages or so the headlines would lead us to believe but simultaneously both Jason Leach's and Nicola Sturgeon's messages are currently plastered across all media outlets so what is the story here?" Given hit back.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon Covid inquiry: The former SNP leader's WhatsApp messages sparked the debate on BBC Radio Scotland


BBC host Adams clapped back: "We don't know what messages we're getting and what messages we're not getting..."

But Given stood firm: "What the Covid Inquiry actually said is that they were deleted in routine tidying up of inboxes or changes of phones, so really what the story is here is that at some point in the past four years Nicola Sturgeon got a new phone -"

"But they weren't backed up Kelly," Adams interrupted. "You can back up your messages..."

Given wasn't convinced as she asked: "Do you back up every message you've ever written on every phone that you have? I know I don't."

"I'm not handling a global pandemic," Adams argued but Given replied: "You're not, but Nicola Sturgeon has submitted evidence to this inquiry, she’s submitted her informal messaging, and I think we need to take that at face value, she’s done that.

Kaye Adams

Kaye Adams BBC bias row: The Loose Women star said Sturgeon and co weren't 'human beings'


"Why are we holding these people to account as if they’re not human beings? Nicola Sturgeon got a new phone or whatever or deleted her messages…"

At this point, Adams cut in to say: “Because in this instance they’re not human beings, they’re politicians -"

"Politicians are human beings! They are human beings," Given insisted. "This is part of it, particularly the coverage around Humza Yousaf asking for clarification around mask rules is outrageous.

"He's a human being, we're all human beings, the advice is constantly evolving, constantly difficult for everybody, why are we treating politicians as if they're not human beings in this context?"

The interview has since gone viral on social media with several listeners criticising Adams' remarks.

The X, formerly Twitter, account which shared the moment fumed: "On her phone-in show yesterday when arguing with a caller, Kaye Adams said that Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf 'are not human beings, they are politicians'. This remark is not just offensive but dangerous for all too obvious reasons. BBC Scotland needs to act over this."

Kaye Adams

BBC bias row: Kaye Adams' comments on Nicola Sturgeon have resulted in calls for her to resign


A second critic slammed the comments: "Kaye Adams: 'they are not human beings, they are politicians'... The now common bias from BBC is reckless and dangerous. Something has to be done. @Ofcom? @BBCScotland."

Meanwhile, a third said of Adams' remarks: "This is why we need independence! This woman mocked mask-wearing because it didn't suit her. We pay her wage. Get the BBC out of Scotland! #KayeAdams #RemoveBBCScotland."

And a fourth was similarly outraged: "'They are not human beings, they are politicians.' A totally normal contribution from Kaye Adams to offer on Radio Scotland just now. Is this kind of output from our public service broadcaster really acceptable?"

Another called for Adams to resign as they fumed: "This is wild. It would have been horrendous enough if it was a caller spouting this, but an actual paid employee? This sort of speech has contributed to murder and treason. @BBCRadioScot should ask for her resignation."

The fury didn't stop there as another listener raged: "@BBCScotland you cannot allow this woman to stay on air." (sic)

The BBC said when contacted by GB News about Adams' remarks: "This comment was made as part of a wider discussion on the COVID inquiry and in particular holding politicians to account for decisions made during this time.

"Taking the comment out of context in this way is not a fair reflection of the discussion throughout the morning.

"Of course, our presenters don’t believe politicians aren’t human, the point being made was that they also hold elected office, as was completely clear to anyone listening to the full programme as opposed to a short clip of it.”

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