BBC Bargain Hunt in embarrassing show first as team's item goes missing before auction: 'It's a problem'

Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt team were in for a shock

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 24/06/2024

- 16:15

Danny Sebastian and his team of experts explored the National Botanic Garden of Wales during a recent episode

Bargain Hunt host Danny Sebastian witnessed a show first during today's episode after an exciting hunt around, one of the teams was given the news that one of their items had been lost.

The two teams were aided by experts Stephanie Connell and John Cameron, who were given specific instructions on what to look out for when buying their items.

After the teams brought all of their items ready for auction, Sebastian spoke to auctioneer Stuart Maule and revealed that the Red team had a bit of a problem.

He said: "We’ve got a bit of a problem and this is the first time that it’s ever happened on Bargain Hunt. A team’s item was lost at the fair. It’s the Red's first item that they brought and that was my challenge."

Sebastian informed the auctioneer that he tasked the red team to buy a lady's vintage fashion accessory, with the two women deciding to purchase a small brooch - with that being the likely reason it went missing.

Maule was sent some images of the lost brooch and luckily was able to estimate its replacement value of around £5 to £10, leaving the two women to be given a choice as they paid £8 for it.

Bargain Hunt

Danny Sebastian had to deliver the bad news


He commented: “If they were to go with the original brooch, they’d be guaranteed the top end of your replacement valuation, they’ll be straight in with a £2 profit.

"Or we’ll give them a second option, during the shopping they looked at a very similar brooch on the same stall, one of our team has gone back and brought it.”

Inspecting the brooch, which cost the same amount as the lost one, Maule told Sebastian that it contained a butterfly wing, which he revealed wasn’t as desirable but could pique the interests of specific collectors.

He added: “We’ve estimated the same as the other brooch, £5 to £10.”

Bargain Hunt

The team decided to take a gamble and enter the second brooch in to the auction


Connell explained to her team that they could either have an instant £2 in their profit pot or gamble with the replacement and see if they could break even or make a bigger profit.

The two women decided to gamble with the new brooch, which left Sebastian to comment: "I think you’ve done quite a good decision there."

When it came to auctioning the brooch, the bidding started at £10 and quickly made a profit as the first bid was placed at £12, before it eventually sold for £22.

Congratulating the women, Sebastian said: "Well done! Brilliant, that is a £14 profit, obviously you made the right decision, you really did well done."

Danny Sebastian

Danny said the brooch going missing was a show first


Despite their gamble on the new brooch, the team suffered a major blow when the other items in their basket didn't do as well as they hoped - leaving them to walk away with a £25 loss.

The Red team lost to the Blue team who finished the show with a staggering £122 profit.

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