Antiques Roadshow guest in tears at the value of childhood teddy

Antiques Roadshow guest in tears at the value of childhood teddy

BBC Antiques Roadshow guest choked back tears

BBC/Antiques Roadshow
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 18/12/2023

- 15:21

Antiques Roadshow guest left emotional at the value of childhood teddy

A guest on Antiques Roadshow has been left overcome with emotion after she discovered the whopping value of her childhood teddy bear.

Expert Bunny Campione was shocked when the guest revealed the toy had been kept in a carrier bag at the back of her wardrobe for years.

Talking about her teddy, the woman said: "It belonged to my great aunt and when she passed away it went to my mum and now I'm the custodian of it at the moment."

The teddy also housed a water bottle and Antiques expert couldn't believe her eyes when the guest put the furry bear on the table.

The Guest brought her teddy to be valued

BBC/ Antiques Roadshow

Bunny said: "Well, I must admit, I hope I didn't give too much of a shock when I saw you coming to my table. I think I screamed didn't I?"

She then began to explain the worth of the toy. She revealed: "'So, we are talking about a Steiff teddy bear, circa 1904, incredibly rare colour, a rare size because most of them were smaller than this, and a value wise, £15,000."

The guest was left in shock and said: "What 15?" before she admitted: "It’s just been put in a bag in the wardrobe."

The teddy bear that has been hidden away for years was designed by Steiff, a designer now known for its luxury collaborations with Louis Vuitton.

It had a whopping value of 15k

BBC/ Antiques Roadshow

The guest on the show choked back tears at the heartwarming moment.

The episode, which exclusively focused on toys for a sweet Christmas special, invited members of the public and experts to talk about and value about their cherished items from their pasts.

She choked back her tears

BBC/ Antiques Roadshow

A different guest brought a rare World War II pilot's watch that was worth £10,000.

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