Antiques Roadshow expert leaves guest speechless over £30,000 family heirloom valuation: ‘Had no idea!’

Antiques Roadshow expert leaves guest speechless over £30,000 family heirloom valuation: ‘Had no idea!’

Antiques Roadshow saw a staggering valuation

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 14/04/2024

- 20:53

Updated: 14/04/2024

- 20:54

The jewellery expert recently left one of her guests stunned when valuating her grandmothers heirloom

Fiona Bruce and her gang of experts paid a visit to Powis Castle in Wales and uncovered a whole trove of treasures which the guests brought along to the roadshow.

Some of the items which were included in the classic episode were a rare silver tobacco box from the 1600s, a porcelain egg with a royal connection and a car boot sale find which cost just 50 pence.

However, it was Joanna Hardy who left her guest speechless when she revealed the staggering valuation of a brooch which had been handed down from her grandmother.

Taking a look at the bird brooch on the table in its box, she noted: “This is a very special jewel and I wasn’t disappointed when I opened the box to see this, but also it is a very special occasion I hear.”

The daughter explained: “So this brooch with given to my mum by my granny when I was born and mum has passed it on to me when my daughter was born.”

Impressed with the family history and noticing the baby chewing on a silver bangle, she teased: “I think she is going to be a budding jewellery enthusiast, I like the way she is using a silver bangle for teething and a beautiful amber necklace also for teething.

Antiques Roadshow

Joanna Hardy was left overjoyed at the sight of the brooch


“I highly approve. And to think that this brooch has been passed down through all these generations, is what jewellery is all about. This is a stunning brooch.”

The daughter added: “I was thrilled, really thrilled. I have had a few lovely pieces from granny but this just tops them all, really lovely.”

Going on to delve deeper into the history of when the brooch was made, Hardy continued: “Well I love it because it is everything that I look for in a jewel.

“It is beautifully crafted and it has been made by E Wolf and Co. and it started in 1850 and they made crowns and tiaras, so you really do have a very very special jewel.

Antiques Roadshow

The mother and daughter were left stunned at the £30,000 valuation


“Everything you see has been hand-done and handmade, even the wings are all beautifully chased. These are all yellow diamonds and then the head is all white diamonds, and an emerald eye.

“And what I love, you might not see the other eye but they always pay attention to the reverse and you see it sitting on a line of baguette diamonds and then the three marque cut sapphires.

“It really is absolutely superb. If you were going to buy something similar you would probably need to spend about £25,000 and £30,000.”

The daughter and her mother shared a confused look towards one another before the latter noted: “Oh god look after it! I had no idea.”

Antiques Roadshow

The guest was left stunned at the valuation of her family heirloom


Hardy pointed to the baby and quipped: “It is absolutely stunning, it oozes quality and oozes craftsmanship… and lucky you! That is going to be yours one day.”

Speaking to the camera after, the mother added: “I am absolutely bowled over, I am beyond delighted that it is so valuable because it is such a special thing to be able to hand down.”

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