Amanda Holden, 53, fiercely defended by fans after sparking 'attention-seeking' fury for naked radio stunt

Amanda Holden, 53, fiercely defended by fans after sparking 'attention-seeking' fury for naked radio stunt

WATCH HERE: Amanda Holden strips off for life drawing segment on Heart

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 09/04/2024

- 09:21

The 53-year-old stripped off during her show on Heart yesterday

Amanda Holden has been supported by her fans after facing cruel trolls on social media for a stunt at work.

On Monday, Holden stripped off live in the Heart studio to take part in a life-drawing exercise.

The mum-of-two bared all as she posed in the studio while co-star Jamie Theakston spoke on the airwaves.

He even quipped to his co-star during the segment: "We're transforming Heart studio into an art studio this morning. It is slightly distracting...

"Amanda's in the corner of the studio without any clothes on which is a first. Not for her, of course, but... certainly for most of us."

Those in the studio let out a laugh before Holden asked if she could see the drawings the guest artists had drawn, branding the attempts of capturing her image as "not bad".

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden stripped completely naked for a stunt on Heart


Theakston was keen to bring the segment to a close, however, as he remarked: "Amanda, can you put a top on because it is slightly distracting?"

Soon after the moment went out on the radio, the Heart Instagram account shared a behind the scenes clip of the segment online.

Blurring out Holden's private parts, the Britain's Got Talent judge took everything in good spirits, letting out smiles and laughs while sitting in her birthday suit.

However, several watching the video online were less than impressed, with a number accusing Holden of "attention-seeking".

One follower hit out: "She's beautiful but sometimes I find her a little too much... especially having daughters mine would be right embarrassed if I was naked like that."

"Never enough attention is there...?" a second queried before a third slammed: "Anything for front page news."

A fourth similarly blasted: "She is attention seeking yet again get a grip why do you need to do this for likes it really is pathetic."

while a fifth also cruelly targeted the BGT star: "Is there nothing this desperate attention seeker won't do? She is everything that is wrong with so-called celebrity including the loons that follow her."

Amid the vitriol aimed her way, Holden was fiercely defended by plenty of fans who applauded the 53-year-old's body confidence.

"GOOD FOR HER... it can't be easy maintaining her physique. I'd do my weekly shop naked if I looked that good," one person argued.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden regularly presents the breakfast timeslot on Heart with Jamie Theakston


And a second agreed: "Good on her, looking amazing and owning it for the mature lady, mean and inappropriate comments show jealousy and ignorant immaturity, so loving the way some people vilify those who manage to look at do well."

"What I’d do to have those family genes and incredible figure," another hit back before a fourth praised: "If I looked like that I'd be naked all the time." (sic)

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