The 1% Club viewers claim 'obvious' question set a 'new record' after 32 players were wiped out: 'How?'

The 1% Club viewers claim 'obvious' question set a 'new record' after 32 players were wiped out: 'How?'

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 20/05/2024

- 09:50

Updated: 20/05/2024

- 10:00

The ITV quiz show left its viewers baffled once again after many failed to answer the 'obvious' question

Lee Mack returned as the host of the 1% Club on Saturday night but avid fans were left stunned when a "simple" and "obvious" question managed to knock out 32 people.

Since the show launched in 2022, each week 100 players face questions based on logic and common sense rather than general knowledge, competing to make it to the one per cent question.

As the questions get increasingly harder, those left at the end stand a chance of winning a £100,000 cash prize and walking away with the knowledge they beat the one per cent.

In the latest episode, it was the 40 per cent question that managed to see over 30 per cent of contestants eliminated from the competition and left viewers baffled.

The question read: "Which of these would it be impossible to do? (A) Marry your cousin’s cousin (B) Marry your brother’s widow (C) Marry your widow’s sister."

Mack then revealed: "Wow that is massive. 32 people went out on that one,’ before revealing that C was the correct answer.

Lee Mack

32 people were caught out with the 40% question


He explained it was because: "You would not be able to marry your widow’s sister as you would already be dead. Before we get any complaints – I accept that is a bit zombie-ist."

One contestant who was fooled by the question admitted that he had gone with option B, before Mack added: "Yes, your brother’s widow – she’s still alive but your brother has died.

"This isn’t me breaking any news, I’m just telling you the answer to the question!."

Another who admitted to choosing option B said: "I still thought I was right for a really long time, even after you told us the right answer."

Lee Mack

Many viewers at home thought the answer was obvious


Viewers who were watching and playing along at home were left stunned that 32 people were out and believed the answer should have been obvious.

One stated on X, formerly known as Twitter: "How did 32 people get that wrong!"

"32 out on that question. Must be a record," a second added before another said: "A total massacre in that question." (sic)

Others admitted that whilst they initially went with option B too, they quickly realised that the final option couldn't have been possible.

Lee Mack

1% Club viewers were riled up again


This isn't the first time that viewers at home have been frustrated with some of the questions, as a previous 30 per cent question read: "Amrit and his grandad share the same birthday. Their birthday balloons arrive muddled up.

"Amrit's grandad is three times older than him. How old is Amrit?" left many to note there could have been two answers.

Four gold balloons were on display beneath the question shaped in the numbers six, eight, seven and two and was anticipated the answer would be that Amrit is 26 years old, making his grandfather 78, however many at home thought that the answer should have also been 29.

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