Caitlin Clark backlash is ‘racism’: Brandon Tatum rages at ‘hate’ for WNBA sensation

Caitlin Clark backlash is ‘racism’: Brandon Tatum rages at ‘hate’ for WNBA sensation

WATCH: Brandon Tatum laments the WNBA treatment for Caitlin Clark

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 11/06/2024

- 07:53

The WNBA star has reportedly been left off the US Olympic roster

Brandon Tatum says there is a sense of jealousy in America over WNBA star Caitlin Clark’s success that has stemmed from “racism”.

The political commentator joined Mark Dolan on GBN America to lament what he feels is harsh treatment for the 22-year-old who has taken the sport by storm.

Teams appear to frequently target the Indiana Fever rookie and the trend culminated in a controversial moment last month where Chicago Sky star Chennedy Carter hip-checked her.

Tatum told Mark he is frustrated that Clark’s talent has not been used as a force for unity.

Caitlin Clark and Brandon Tatum

Brandon Tatum says people are jealous of Caitlin Clark's success


“I think that people forget that others can be racist against white people, and I think this is where it stems from”, he said.

“Clark should not be a polarising figure, she should be a uniting figure. If you look at it for what it is, the NBA, whose revenue source is probably 80 per cent black players, subsidise the WNBA.


Caitlin Clark has been credited with helping the WNBA's rise in popularityCaitlin Clark has been credited with helping the WNBA's rise in popularityREUTERS
Mark Dolan and Brandon Tatum

Mark Dolan was joined by Brandon Tatum on GBN America


“And then you have a white player come along, which is unique and rare, that has such a talent. That’s such a draw. She’s making the WNBA a better place.

“It should be a unifying source that all people are working together to make this a successful thing.

“However, there’s people who hate on other people for multiple reasons, and one being her race.”

Clark was named the WNBA Rookie of the Month for May after averaging 15.6 points, 6.4 assists and 5.1 rebounds in 11 games.

Despite her success, she won’t be joining the US national team when it travels to the Olympics, according to reports.

It is a decision that has left many baffled, with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy saying it’s the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”.

Sirius XM commentator Justin Termine said: “Even if she stinks, which she doesn’t, that’s a horrible vision”.

“They hate the fact that this white girl is dominating and is successful”, Tatum said on GBN America.

“She is responsible for the emergence for the WNBA.”

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