Democrats choose ‘race and identity’ over merit every time as Kamala Harris branded ‘clueless’

Democrats choose ‘race and identity’ over merit every time as Kamala Harris branded ‘clueless’

Kamala Harris has expressed her readiness to step in if Biden was ever sidelined

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James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 01/03/2024

- 18:43

Updated: 02/03/2024

- 13:08

There was ‘no way’ Democratic ‘diversity politics’ would let the party drop the VP, Erik Prince said

Vice President Kamala Harris has been slammed as “one of the most clueless politicians in American history” as speculation continues to rise over potential presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s VP picks.

Speaking to GB News, Erik Prince – former Navy Seal, founder of private military company Blackwater and cyber-security firm Unplugged – noted the necessity of a good second-in-command after criticising incumbent Biden’s mental fitness.

Prince had voiced concerns about the president’s “fragility” to Nigel Farage – though Trump too has taken flak for the same issues – and said either man’s VP picks over the next five years would be “extremely, extremely important”.

He said such importance “makes the Trump win even more important, because Kamala Harris has got to be one of the least qualified, most clueless politicians in American history”.

Joe Biden, Erik Prince and Kamala Harris

Erik Prince slammed the VP as "clueless" and raised concerns over Biden's "fragility"

Reuters/GB News

When asked if there was any chance of Biden dropping Harris, Prince said: “No way – the diversity politics of the Democrat party would never let him replace a half-black, half-Indian woman from the ticket.

“The Democratic party chooses race and identity over merit every time.”

Prince’s damning comments on the VP come as polls continue to peg Harris to a negative approval rating.

Statistics from 538, the now-ABC News-run polling aggregator, show the vice president has maintained disapproval ratings of over 50 per cent since December 2021, and hasn’t seen consistent net favourability since summer of that year.


Joe Biden (left) and Kamala Harris (right)

Prince said Democrats' "diversity politics" would not let Biden replace VP Harris


Douglas MacKinnon, a former White House writer for Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, heaped pressure on Harris last month, saying “fewer and fewer Democrats want her on the 2024 ticket” in a column in the Hill.

MacKinnon said: “I have spoken to multiple high-level Democrats, and not one of them wants Harris on the ticket.”

He continued to suggest Harris’ race and gender – and her status as the first non-white and female vice president – made her “untouchable”.

Despite the reports of weakening Democratic confidence, Harris remains the odds-on favourite for the VP pick – with betting sites handing names like Gavin Newsom, Susan Rice and even Michelle Obama mere outside chances.

Nigel Farage and Ben Carson

Potential Republican VP Ben Carson told Nigel Farage that Trump had a “deep bench” of candidates to choose from

GB News

The vice president has expressed her readiness to step in if Biden was to be sidelined due to age or mental concerns – last year, Harris said she was ready to replace the Potus “if necessary”.

Such comments fuelled ideas that Harris could be lining up a presidential run with Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg in tow in 2028 – a former Buttigieg staffer said the VP had “established a personal relationship with Pete in a way that she doesn’t with other people”.

While Harris may – for now – remain ‘locked in’ as Biden’s deputy, the race to be likely Republican nominee Donald Trump’s running-mate is still hotting up.

GB News’ Nigel Farage has tipped former US housing secretary Dr Ben Carson for the role, while Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Tim Scott and Elise Stefanik have also been rumoured to take the nomination.

Dr Carson told GB News that Trump had “good political instincts”, and a “deep bench” of candidates from which to choose.

But Trump has remained tight-lipped on any possible choice – in January he said he “know[s] who it’s going to be”, but told Fox News last month that he wasn’t planning to announce his pick “for a while”.

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