Nigel Farage set to be 'Trump's link to UK' after Reform victory: 'He won't talk to No10!'

Nigel Farage set to be 'Trump's link to UK' after Reform victory: 'He won't talk to No10!'

WATCH NOW: Donald Trump set to 'use Nigel Farage as UK link' following Labour victory

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/07/2024

- 07:48

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage won five seats in last week's General Election after receiving over four million votes

US President Donald Trump is set to "use Nigel Farage as his UK link" following Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer's landslide election victory, it has been claimed.

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives were wiped out in last week's General Election as Starmer secured over 400 seats, ending 14 years of Tory rule.

Nigel Farage also made in-roads for right-wing politics at this year's election, raking in over four million votes despite being on the campaign trail just weeks before election day.

Speaking to GB News about the new Labour Government, political commentator Theo Usherwood claimed that Foreign Secretary David Lammy will find it "very difficult" to work with US President Donald Trump.

Nigel Farage is set to be Donald Trump's 'link to UK' following Reform UK's five-seat victory

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Having previously called Trump a "neo-Nazi sympathizing sociopath" in 2018, Usherwood stated that Lammy will cause "friction" with Trump if he elected in November.

Usherwood explained: "I think it's going to be very, very difficult for Labour, and I think it's going to cause real friction.

"Especially with the election of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump doesn't care about formalities. He doesn't do the playbook that Whitehall in London will want. He won't go through No10.

"If Farage is on the opposition benches, he'll become his link with the UK."

David Lammy

David Lammy has become the UK's new Foreign Secretary after Labour's landslide victory


Stressing the close relationship between Farage and Trump, Usherwood also suggested that their close relations will "cause problems" for Prime Minister Keir Starmer in maintaining the UK-US relationship.


Usherwood told GB News: "It's a huge problem for Keir Starmer and for David Lammy. I was surprised, given where the American elections are potentially heading, he decided to promote David Lammy to that position, given what he had said previously.

"Nonetheless, he's in the post and he's going to have to work with Trump if he wins that election."

Noting the current US President, Joe Biden, Usherwood claimed the phone call between Starmer and Biden appeared "very warm", but it is "not guaranteed" that the current president will remain for a second term.

Usherwood added: "If you look at the opinion polls, look at that debate that happened last week between Biden and Trump, it is by no means guaranteed that the Democrats are going to win this election.

Theo Usherwood

Theo Usherwood claims Donald Trump will 'not speak to Number 10' now that Nigel Farage is in Parliament with Reform UK

GB News

"If anything, it's likely that they're going to lose this election and Donald Trump is going to be president."

Casting doubt on the future relationship between the Prime Minister and the possible incoming President Trump, Usherwood concluded: "We have a special relationship with the United States.

"And it's very difficult to see how that special relationship continues for Keir Starmer and for David Lammy when Nigel Farage is in office at a crucial time when, of course, Russia is threatening, is at war in Ukraine and Europe needs support."

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