'Personnel is policy - 99% of people who work for Google hate white men,' claims Michael Knowles

'Personnel is policy - 99% of people who work for Google hate white men,' claims Michael Knowles

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/03/2024

- 13:16

Updated: 02/03/2024

- 16:21

Host of The Daily Wire mocked Google's attempt at creating an AI generator

Michael Knowles has blasted Google for their "woke" AI after the tech giant was forced to remove their Gemini development.

This month, Google faced widespread backlash for Gemini's seeming unwillingness to generate images of white people via its chatbot.

Google senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan apologised for the error and said it "wasn’t what we intended" for Gemini.

He added: "We did not want Gemini to refuse to create images of any particular group. And we did not want it to create inaccurate historical images."

Google Gemini and Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles slammed Google's AI generator, Gemini

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This has lead critics to conclude that Google has been "too influenced" by left-leaning employees.

After going viral for their huge mistake, Google admitted that the Gemini development team had "got it wrong".

Discussing Google's AI with GBN America, The Daily Wire Host accused the tech giant of "erasing white people from history".

Knowles explained how a colleague of his had tried to search for specific historical figures who are specifically white, and how Gemini failed to produce a single image of them.

Google Gemini

Google has faced widespread criticism after their Gemini AI failed to produce images of white people in history

Google Gemini

Knowles told GBN America: "He said show me a picture of a Pope. And so it generated two pictures.

"A black man - there's never been a black Pope, but there could be. And the other person they generated was an Indian woman, who most certainly cannot be a Pope. There's no such thing as a lady Pope."


Knowles revealed the one search that generated a white person was Gemini's response to "a person named Seamus", to which host Patrick Christys laughed.

Knowles continued: "This has been very embarrassing for Google. It shows you a simple fact of politics, which is personnel is policy.

"The people who work for Google, 99.9 per cent of them are extreme leftists who in their identity politics truly hate white men above all else. And surprise, surprise, the product that Google puts out is going to discriminate against us poor, pale fellows."

Patrick agreed with Knowles and stated that it was "about time someone did stand up for us".

Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles says Google has 'erased white people from history'

GBN America

In a more sinister error of Gemini, it has been claimed that the AI chatbot "refused to condemn" certain moral issues, including sexual moral issues.

Knowles explained: "There are all sorts of questions that have been plugged in that Google will say 'I certainly cannot weigh in on this because it's a controversial subject', especially when you touch on sexual issues.

"We now live in a time where we're told that well if it feels good, do it, is a moral maxim. We live in a time where we're told that you can't have anything resembling a traditional moral framework. And we live in a time where we're told that little children can make the decision to permanently alter their sex, to castrate themselves, to pretend to be the opposite sex, to undergo surgeries and hormone replacement therapies.

"And so it raises this question, if anything goes when it comes to sex, so long as it's consensual, and if the left argues that children can also give consent on sexual matters, then we're we're left with this horrific logical conclusion that the Google Gemini bot seems to have arrived at itself."

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