Women over 40 can 'look 10 years younger' with hairstyle that 'lifts everything' - and it's 'effortless'

Erin from Busbee Style / Woman wearing ponytail

An over 40s influencer shared the hairstyle that can take a decade of your age

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 12/03/2024

- 08:00

Updated: 29/03/2024

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A simple high ponytail could be the secret to a younger-looking face

Your hairstyle can add or take years off, depending on which one you choose.

According to a lifestyle influencer for ladies over 40, the right hairstyle can make women "look 10 years younger".

Erin from YouTube's Busbee Style said: "Many of you may think that over 40, you can't wear a ponytail anymore. But I beg to differ. I think it looks fabulous and I think you should wear a ponytail.

"I don't know how I'm going to feel about it in my 60s and 70s - we'll have to check back - but for now I'm definitely still wearing a ponytail."

Woman wearing ponytail

The ponytail is not only 'very quick and easy', it's 'chic' too


One of the best things about the ponytail is that it's "very quick and easy" as well as chic. Its versatility means that it complements both casual and more dressed-up looks.

The lifestyle influencer demonstrated her go-to ponytail, brushing all of her hair back (with no parting) before fastening it with a hair tie.

Erin told women that the position of their ponytail is up to them, but she prefers a high ponytail. To create volume - or a "poof" - she ran her fingers through the top of her hair.

For a polished finishing touch, she took a small strand from the ponytail and wrapped it around her hair tie before tucking it in underneath the ponytail. This concealed the hair tie and in turn, gave the hairstyle a sophisticated look whilst remaining "effortless".

Schellea Fowler from YouTube's fabulous50s also believes that a ponytail can make a woman look younger than she is. Like Erin, the over-50s influencer believes that a high ponytail is the way to go.

She said: "The reason high ponytails look so great on older women is that it lifts. The focus is on the top of our head and that's lifting everything for our beautiful faces that are going south."

To achieve an anti-ageing ponytail, women should lift their hair into a bunch and then use a brush to comb the hair on the top of the head forward. This means the hair has a little volume rather than laying flat.

Use a hair tie - Schellea recommends an elastic one that doesn't rip the hair - then grab a claw clip.

For a volume-boosting, anti-ageing effect, place the clip on the crown of the head just underneath the ponytail. This will make the ponytail sit higher up on the head.

Then, women can gently tug at strands on the top of the head for extra volume and texture.


Woman wearing ponytail

A ponytail can make a woman 'look 10 years younger'


The influencer also suggested wrapping a strand of hair from the ponytail around the hair tie to disguise it. Finally, she told women to tease their ponytail lightly with a comb for added bounce.

The hair enthusiast concluded: "And there you have it, a very simple, easy ponytail. It looks like you have way more volume than you do."

Another way middle-aged and mature women can take years off their age is with a hair tip that "works wonders" - it's instantly "rejuvenating".

It's also possible for men to take years off with a rejuvenating style. According to a barber, men can make their hair look thicker in minutes with an "important tip most people miss".

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