Women over 50 can look 10 years younger instantly by ditching popular makeup product that makes wrinkles look 'deeper'

Women over 50 can look 10 years younger instantly by ditching popular makeup product that makes wrinkles look 'deeper'

Deirdre Nicholas gives style advice to women over 50

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 15/04/2024

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Middle-aged women might want to bin their powder foundations in favour of something lighter

While ageing is inevitable and nothing to be ashamed of, many women want to turn back the clock as they get older.

According to a makeup artist, women over 50 can take years off their age by making slight tweaks to their makeup routine. Glam Girl Gabi claimed that ladies in this age group can look 10 years younger if they prep their skin properly before makeup application, plus ditch a very popular product. She advised middle-aged women to say goodbye to their powder foundation.

The expert said that her "best piece of advice" for women over 50 is to "do the proper skin prep and use the proper face makeup". She said this will make women over 50 "look 10 years younger" instantly.

Glam Girl Gabi told women in this age group to "not go in with any drying makeup products", including powder foundations.

Glam Girl Gabi /  Middle-aged woman applying cream to face

A makeup artist claimed middle-aged women can shave a decade off their age

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She explained: "As we age our skin loses luminosity and hydration. If you want youthful-looking skin, you really do need to have a radiance or a glow.

"Power foundation not only sits in the pre-existing fine lines and wrinkles - making them look deeper - it also flattens the skin out and makes everyone look a lot less healthy in general."

Before applying makeup, the expert's first tip was to take the necessary steps to "enhance your glow". She advised exfoliating once or twice a week to "achieve radiance".

Next, ladies can hydrate with an under-eye gel mask. These work to "wake up" the area before makeup application.

​Gabi then advised women over 50 to apply moisturiser and sunscreen as a "skin prep", followed by a primer that has a "luminosity" to it - but no sparkles.

Moving on to makeup, Gabi recommended finding something "soft and luminous" like a CC cream as opposed to a powder foundation, high-coverage foundation, or matte foundation.

She explained that "infusing radiance" is the "absolute key in mature makeup application".

Gabi's next tip was to stop wearing concealer that's too light under the eyes.

She explained: "This will do one of two things. It will either create an ashy cast which is extremely unflattering and makes you look sickly, or it will give you this reverse-raccoon effect where the skin around the eyes looks too white."

She explained that this whiteness around the eyes highlights fine lines and wrinkles without actually correcting anything.


Middle-aged applying powder

'Power foundation flattens the skin out and makes everyone look a lot less healthy and less general'


Adding powder foundation on top of this is a disaster waiting to happen, according to the expert, who claimed that this will give you a "dry, wrinkly situation".

Instead, women over 50 can brighten the area under their eyes with a colour corrector. For women with blue pigment under the eyes, an orange or peach corrector works wonders, as it offsets the blue tone.

Then, they should set it with a translucent powder so it doesn't crease.

The makeup artist also shared how women can look 10 years younger in 10 minutes with an everyday makeup routine. She told ladies: "Get ready to look really, really good."

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