'The weight is going to fall off!' Britons over 50 can lose weight by adopting three mealtime habits

'The weight is going to fall off!' Britons over 50 can lose weight by adopting three mealtime habits

An expert gives advice on following a healthy diet

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 29/04/2024

- 08:00

Following a calorie deficit, eating protein with every meal, and adding more fibre to your diet may work wonders

Losing weight may seem like a near impossible endeavour - particularly for people in their 50s and above - but with a few simple lifestyle changes it's possible to torch fat quickly and effectively.

Certified Exercise Physiologist and weight loss coach Mike Cola took to YouTube to share how middle-aged people can slim down with some crucial diet choices.

The fitness expert said: "If you're over 50 and you want to lose some weight but you're confused about what diet to follow and what foods to eat, I'd like you to try three things."

First, Mike told slimmers to make sure they are in a calorie deficit. One way to ensure this is counting calories. However, it may be easier to give yourself a smaller eating window.

Salad with egg and avocado / Couple cooking dinner

Slimmers have been given some key diet tips


He said: "If you fast for 16 hours every day and then give yourself an eight-hour eating window, most people will automatically eat less."

Next, the expert told slimmers in midlife to eat more protein, adding something from this healthy food group to "every single meal".

He explained: "When you eat protein, you're going to feel incredibly satisfied. You won't be hungry for hours, and you're going to eat less." Aim to stock up on protein-rich foods including lean meats, poultry, eggs, legumes, beans and nuts.

Finally, Mike told middle-aged slimmers to rethink the way they structure their meals.

He advised people to enjoy a "whole natural food diet high in fibre".

One nutritious meal the weight loss guru enjoys is four skinless chicken drumsticks - providing 50g of protein - a handful of blueberries, and chopped up avocado - for fibre and antioxidants.

He stated: "Start structuring your meals like this and the weight is going to start falling off."

In another video, the expert shared his top tips for effective intermittent fasting.

He said: "I always prioritise protein and fibre, while keeping calories under control whenever I eat."

Mike opts for flounder and sardines - both packed with proteins - arugula, avocado and berries, topped with pistachio nuts.



'When you eat protein, you're going to feel incredibly satisfied'


He called this an excellent example of a high-protein, high-fibre, relatively low-calorie meal for when you break your fast.

In other weight loss news, Britons in their 40s and 50s can lose belly fat by avoiding two eating habits that cause the "midlife spread".

Another way Britons can slim down is by adding one simple ingredient to their meals.

Speaking about the weight-loss-friendly food, a fitness guru said: "These bad boys are amazing. If you turn to the back and look at their nutrition stats, they are loaded with healthy fats - they have those omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart, brain, weight loss and insulin sensitivity."

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