BBC Eurovision fans threaten to 'boycott' Saturday's finale as Israel sails through semi-final amid protests

BBC Eurovision fans threaten to 'boycott' Saturday's finale as Israel sails through semi-final amid protests

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 10/05/2024

- 08:31

Updated: 10/05/2024

- 08:39

16 more acts competed in the second set of semi-finals last night - including Israel's Eden Golan

Eurovision Song Contest fans have threatened to boycott Saturday's final after Israel received 39 percent of the public vote during Thursday's semi - despite ongoing protests against their involvement.

Eden Golan represented the country and sang her song Hurricane which was reworked from a previous track called October Rain, which is thought to reference the Hamas attacks on Israel.

Some believed that some lyrics - including "Dancin' in the storm… I'm still broken from this hurricane" - still refer to attacks seven months ago which killed more than 1,000 people and resulted in hundreds of hostages being taken.

Some fans of the contest were left furious that Israel was allowed to continue in the contest and many were pushed over the edge last night after Golan made it through to the final.

Taking to their X accounts to complain, one fumed: "Disappointed to see Israel advancing in Eurovision. A true display of dignity would be to compete with an anti-war song.

"Europe needs to amplify a strong anti-war stance. Hoping for a deserving outcome on Saturday."

Eurovision Song Contest

Fans of the competition were left furious at Israel making it through to the final


"39%??? So I guess Israel is winning on Saturday and this will be the death of Eurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2024," another noted.

"Italy votes for Israel 39% wtf ???" a third said before another penned: "Not watching #EUROVISION #boycott Israel #Blockade Israel."

A furious fan added: "Boycott. Eurovision. I hope I don't see a single retweet of anything about the coverage over the next few days unless it's to condemn them for 'politically' throwing Palestine to the curb."

However, not all fans were unimpressed with the result, as one praised: "Received death threats, calls for boycott, violent protests, booing from the crowd, but still continued to show resilience and strength.

Eurovision protests

Israel's win comes after many protested against their involvement


"Eden Golan didn't just qualify for the final of the #Eurovision, but in my opinion, she IS the winner."

Another replied: "I've never voted in the #Eurovision before, but I 'll give a vote to #Israel." (sic)

Israel getting through to the final comes after Golan was ordered to "stay in hotel" as pro-Palestine protesters flooded Malmo, Sweden.

Israel's national security agency Shin Bet warned Golan not to leave her hotel room except for performances because of the demonstrations, which involved climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Eden Golan

Eden Golan made it to the final of Eurovision


She told reporters at the protest: "These protests should be everywhere...once again young people are showing the world how to react."

This isn't the first time that Golan faced difficulties after audience members booed and chanted "Free Palestine" during her rehearsal on Wednesday evening.

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