Lewis Hamilton slapped with ban ahead of move to Ferrari - 'I never ask my drivers'

Lewis Hamilton slapped with ban ahead of move to Ferrari - 'I never ask my drivers'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 15/05/2024

- 12:38

The Briton is currently spending his final season with Mercedes

Ferrari chief Fred Vasseur has admitted he doesn't want Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc to go on holiday together when they become team-mates next year.

Hamilton is currently in the last year of his time with Mercedes, having raced for the Silver Arrows ever since 2013.

With Mercedes struggling so far this season, however, excitement is building ahead of Hamilton's transfer in 2025.

He is joining Ferrari to win a record eighth F1 crown, having been prevented from doing so in controversial circumstances nearly three years ago.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is currently spending his last season with Mercedes ahead of his move to Ferrari next year


It will be fascinating to see the dynamics in the relationship between Hamilton and Leclerc when he does move to Maranello.

Leclerc is currently the main driver at Ferrari, with Carlos Sainz his No 2.

And Vasseur has admitted he wouldn't be keen for his drivers to be best friends or go on holiday together.

Speaking to La Rapubblica about his drivers for next year, the 55-year-old said: “I never ask my drivers to be best friends or go on vacation together, I don't do that with my colleagues to work better.

“There is just a need to have a frank relationship full of mutual respect, I think between the two of them this is established, I don't see any clouds in the sky.

"They have already started to be a little closer these last two months, it's a training period like a honeymoon.

"I would say so far so good."

Some critics believe Hamilton is a faded force.

He is currently ninth in the F1 standings, having amassed just 27 points so far.

Hamilton is also yet to win a race in nearly three years, much to his dismay.

But Vasseur believes 'fresh blood' is needed and is convinced his decision to recruit Hamilton will pay off.

“Fresh blood in the system,” he said when asked what the Stevenage-born racer will bring to the team.

“I know his professionalism, not that our drivers don't have it, but Lewis has a different view of things and we can benefit from that.

“With Fernando Alonso, he is one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, the most successful, he has the most experience in the field and also in winning championships.

"He will certainly bring speed to the track but not only that. He will also contribute with his knowledge outside the car, on how to approach the weekend.”


Lewis Hamilton Charles Leclerc

Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur has admitted he's not keen on the idea of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc holidaying together


Hamilton, meanwhile, recently admitted he was in the middle of a 'strange transition' as he prepares to leave Mercedes behind.

But he also insisted he was still committed to the team, despite his exit creeping closer.

"I think everyone in the team, they want it to be a great year," he told CBS.

"Everyone's worked so hard back at the factory, no less than ever before.

"For me, this whole journey has been massively emotional just because I have so much love for this team. I'm not leaving because I'm unhappy there. I'm not leaving because of relationship issues.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has endured a difficult F1 season with Mercedes so far


"Mercedes supported me since I was 13 so I love the brand. I love the people. They've been with me through thick and thin.

"So it’s definitely a strange transition at the moment."

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