Eamonn Holmes furiously scolds Southgate after 'rubbish' Slovenia draw: 'I could manage the England team!'

Eamonn Holmes furiously scolds Southgate after 'rubbish' Slovenia draw: 'I could manage the England team!'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/06/2024

- 10:11

England drew 0-0 with Slovenia in the Euros on Tuesday evening, taking them through to the knockout stages

England manager Gareth Southgate has been criticised for the team's "rubbish" performance in last night's Euros match against Slovenia, as they drew 0-0 in their latest fixture.

Taking on the 57th-best team in the world, fans were left frustrated and disappointed as the team gave another lacklustre performance in Germany, securing them a place in the knockout stages of the tournament.

After England fans threw plastic cups at Southgate, England's head coach defended the performance and said he "understands" why the fans did it, but "won't back away from it".

Southgate assured fans: "The most important thing here is that the supporters stay with the team. I understand the sort of narrative towards me, but I've not seen any other team qualify and receive similar.

Gareth Southgate and Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes claimed he 'could manage England' after their disappointing draw at the Euros

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"I'm very, very proud of the players for how they're operating within it."

Reacting to the match on GB News, host Eamonn Holmes blasted the "dull" and "completely rubbish" performance by the team and claimed he "could manage the team himself".

Eamonn told GB News Sports Commentator Paul Coyte: "The football is complete rubbish - I could manage that bloomin' England team.

"I could go out and tell these players to play in a certain way. There's no attractiveness, there's no excitement about it. It's Slovenia for goodness sake!"


England drew 0-0 with Slovenia in Tuesday night's game, taking them through to the Euros knockout stages


Paul shared his thoughts on England's latest performance and agreed that they "didn't do too well" against Slovenia.


Paul told GB News: "Slovenia are ranked 57th in the world. They are sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and Paraguay when it comes to footballing heavyweights, so shall we say, footballing lightweights.

"But they did okay against England, it's just that England didn't do too well against them. There were lots of substitutions - they don't really know who the best side is at the moment."

Turning the discussion to the fan reaction, Paul and Eamonn agreed it was wrong for fans to throw cups at Southgate, but they have "every right" to boo the team for their performance.

Paul explained: "I always said fans have the right to boo. You pay money to go and see it and you don't get entertained - you've got the right.

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes says the England team were 'rubbish' against Slovenia in the Euros

GB News

"But to throw empty plastic glasses towards Gareth Southgate, we don't want any of that, it's not okay."

Isabel agreed, adding: "Southgate should have condemned the throwing of items. He didn't say anything about that - he said I understand it and share their frustration.

"No, you don't understand - the throwing of bottles towards him is ridiculous."

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