Welsh First Minister Vaughan Gething set to LOSE no confidence vote in just hours

​Vaughan Gething

Vaughan Gething faces a vote of no confidence this afternoon

Hannah Woodward

By Hannah Woodward

Published: 05/06/2024

- 13:12

Vaughan Gething has been in office for just 77 days so far

Vaughan Gething looks set to lose the no confidence this afternoon after less than three months in office.

The Welsh Conservatives called the no confidence vote last week following months of cross party criticism over donations made to Gething’s leadership campaign by a man twice convicted of environmental offences.

Vikki Howells this morning confirmed that two Labour members are currently unwell so will not be able to vote later this afternoon.

Labour holds half of the seats in the Senedd, and the no confidence motion will be successful if one Labour Senedd member either rebels, abstains or does not participate in the vote.

The Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems are all expected to back the motion and as two Labour MS’ are off unwell, the vote will be successful by default as neither have been granted proxy votes.

It is rumoured that Hannah Blythyn and Lee Waters are the two Labour MS’ unable to attend today’s vote. Blythyn was sacked from the Welsh Government by Gething and Waters the former transport minister has previously called on Gething to return the £200,000 donation.

Vikki Howells criticised the vote of no confidence this morning describing it as a gimmick and confirmed that Gething would not have to resign if he loses.

Vaughan Gething has been in office for 77 days so far. Plaid Cymru has accused Gething over undermining the office of First Minister.

Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said: “In accepting a £200k donation form a convicted polluter, the First Minister has undermined his own office and the confidence of the people of Wales in his ability to govern.

“At a time when trust in politics is low, any perception of outside influence in the Labour Welsh government’s decision making is eroding public confidence.

“The First Minister’s unwillingness to admit to his significant error of judgment signifies a worryingly care-free attitude.

“Even when a Labour colleague reportedly offered to help him repay the toxic donation, he declined the offer, further proof that he doesn’t understand the anger felt by the people of Wales.

“It is for the Labour party and ultimately Keir Starmer to decide the fate of the First Minister. Whether some of their members hold their noses or reaffirm their unhappiness at the scale and source of the donation through supporting a vote of no confidence is a matter for them.”

The vote could also cause a fresh headache for Sir Keir Starmer who could be on track to pick up 30 out of 32 seats in Wales at the general election. But the no confidence vote could derail Labour’s lead in Wales.

£200,000 was given to Gething's leadership campaign by a company owned by a man twice convicted of environmental offences. £31,600 was left over from the sum, but earlier this month it was revealed UK Labour will not receive the surplus following concerns over the donation.

But despite UK Labour distancing itself from the money, when questioned by GB News last week Starmer publicly backed Gething.

“I think it’s absolutely clear that no rules were broken and Vaughan Gething has answered all the questions that are put to him.”

The First Minister has been approached for comment.

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