Sir Keir Starmer speech sabotaged as protester storms stage - activist wrestled to ground

Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer was covered in glitter by a protester who stormed the stage during his Labour Party Conference speec

Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 10/10/2023

- 14:09

Updated: 10/10/2023

- 18:07

The protester was wrestled to the ground by security after grabbing the Leader of the Opposition after he walked on stage

Sir Keir Starmer was left looking shell-shocked after a protester stormed the stage ahead of his speech at the Labour Party Conference.

The Leader of the Opposition had just walked on stage when a man ran onto stage, grabbed Starmer and poured glitter on him.

WATCH: Protester storms the stage at Labour Conference

Starmer tried to push the protester off, but he grabbed onto him before being wrestled to the ground.

The Labour Leader looked dishevelled as he continued his speech without his jacket on.

The protester is understood to be campaigner Yaz Ashmawi, according to People Demand Democracy - who has taken responsibility for the protest.


The protester came up behind Starmer and poured glitter on him


The protester shouted: "True democracy is citizen-led. Politics needs an update.

"We demand a peoples' house."

He has since been arrested by Merseyside Police.

Starmer used his speech to suggest that the party would be in power for ten years, promising a "decade of national renewal".


He was dragged off stage by security



Starmer brushed glitter off his jacket before carrying on with the speech


He promised to fix "tomorrow's challenges, today".

Starmer said: "Today we turn the page, answer the question ‘Why Labour?’ with a plan for a Britain built to last.

“With higher growth, safer streets, cheap British power in your home, more opportunity in your community, the NHS off its knees. A Britain with its future back.

“It will require an entirely new approach to politics – Mission Government, new priorities, totally focused on the interests of working people, five national missions all fixed on a single-minded purpose to govern for the long-term.

WATCH NOW: Conference protester loaded into the back of a police van 

Sir Keir Starmer protester put into the back

“End the Tory disease of ‘sticking plaster politics’ with a simple Labour philosophy that together we fix tomorrow’s challenges, today.”

The Leader of the Opposition said the "age of insecurity" has been "loaded onto the backs of working people".

He admitted that there is "no magic wand", adding: "A decade of national renewal. That is what it will take.

"We will need ambition, determination, patience absolutely. But also bravery. Because it is brave to reject the hope of the easy answer.

"Courageous to choose instead the hope of the hard road.

"But if we give Britain the certain destination. If we walk step by step with working people we can bulldoze through the barriers in their way."


Starmer said the Conservative Party would “put the NHS in the ground” if it wins the next election.

Starmer said: “The whole point of our NHS is to be the crowdfunded solution for all of us.

“That’s the fundamental principle and at the next election it’s on the line.

“The Conservative Party that brought the NHS to its knees will put it in the ground. We have got to get it back on its feet.”

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