'Absolutely right': MP wades into University of Bradford row as scholarship offered to white working-class men

'Absolutely right': MP wades into University of Bradford row as scholarship offered to white working-class men

WATCH HERE: Ben Bradley weighs in on Bradford University launching scholarship for white working class men

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 22/12/2023

- 13:36

Updated: 22/12/2023

- 13:40

The university boasts one of the country’s most diverse student populations

The University of Bradford has been backed by an MP over its decision to provide scholarships for white working-class men.

Under the scholarship, white men will be set to benefit from grants up to £400 a month to go towards living costs while they study.

However, only those who are considered working class and already living in the Bradford district are eligible for the bursary.

Bradford is one of the most diverse cities in Britain and saw its white population decrease from nearly 64 per cent to 56.7 per cent.

Ben Bradley MP

'Absolutely right': MP wades into University of Bradford row as scholarship offered to white working-class men

GB News

According to Government data, white male pupils eligible for free school meals are the least likely to progress to higher education - totalling just 4.6 per cent of students from that group.

Speaking to GB News, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley backed the university and said the decision was based on data.

“Whilst my over-arching view is that race should play no part in people's ability to access scholarships and support, for as long as the Equality Act exists then it should be used properly,” Bradley told GB News.

“That means offering support for those who are under-represented, based on data and evidence rather than assumptions and stereotypes.

\u200bUniversity of Bradford

University of Bradford

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“The most underrepresented group with the poorest access to Higher Education is white working-class boys, and so Bradford University is doing absolutely the right thing under that law to support underrepresented groups with social mobility.

“It's often not popular, but it's absolutely right. Well done to them for stepping up, and I hope more follow.”

The grant will be funded by the Keith Howard Foundation, named after the late philanthropist and alumni of Bradford University.

Vice-chancellor of the university Professor Shirley Congdon said that the scholarship “further emphasises the university's commitment to social mobility, helping to ensure that everyone who studies at Bradford fulfils their potential”.

Melissa Tomlinson, chair of the foundation, said: “Social mobility is a key component of the work the foundation supports across Yorkshire.

“This new scholarship will also help its students on their road to an exciting future.

“We look forward to following the journeys of the scholars who participate in the programme at the University of Bradford.”

Speaking on the Equality Act and what it means for Britons, Bradley continued: “The Equality Act isn't fit for purpose.

“Rather than tackle discrimination, it simply embeds a different discrimination, and so I believe it needs total change and reform.”

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