Tesco 'attempted robbery' leaves eight year old girl in 'puddle of tears' and suffering panic attack



George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 11/06/2024

- 09:53

A security guard was threatened during the raid in Essex

An attempted raid at a Tesco branch left a girl terrified after a man and woman tried to escape with stolen goods.

Simon Blackledge, 38, was in the shop in Leigh, Essex with his two children when a man and woman attempted to escape with stolen goods.

Blackledge said a man involved in the "attempted robbery" threatened to stab a security guard who confronted the pair.

He said children took shelter down an aisle as his daughter suffered a “full on panic attack” and was hyperventilating and crying.

\u200bEssex Police and the Tesco front

Essex Police

Google Maps/WikiCommons

He told the Southend Echo: "The male who was trying to steal shouted something which basically meant he was going to stab the security guard, which escalated it.

"Luckily my boy was asleep but my daughter had a full on panic attack.

"She gets very nervous because she had an incident when she was two where a woman tried to grab her on the High Street. She started to hyperventilate and was crying because she thought there was nowhere left to go.

"I tried to calm her down while also making sure I was aware of what was happening."


\u200bTesco Express

The incident took place at the Tesco Express

Google Maps

The family remained at the store after the pair left to help with staff cleaning up. However, Simon said that they still felt the impact of the incident.

He added: "[My daughter] was pretty shaken up and burst into tears when she reached home and told us she was traumatised.

“Its sad that things like this are becoming more common and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse.”

Essex police confirmed they have launched an investigation into the incident, which took place in Broadway, Leigh on Saturday, June 8.

A spokesperson from Essex Police said: "We were called to a disturbance at a Tesco store in Broadway, Leigh, shortly before 9.50pm on Saturday.

"It was reported a man and a woman had been involved in a theft, leaving the shop after becoming aggressive and threatening staff.

“If you have any information or footage which could assist us, please get in touch."

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