Pensioner threatened with criminal action after neighbour's drive was littered with leaves from trees in a park

Pensioner threatened with criminal action after neighbour's drive was littered with leaves from trees in a park

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 17/05/2024

- 11:06

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police visited retired teacher Lorraine Perro

A pensioner was handed a Community Protection Warning after fallen leaves were allegedly blown onto her neighbour's drive.

Retired teacher Lorraine Perro was visited by officers from Nottinghamshire Police who said her garden waste constituted antisocial behaviour.

The 66-year-old has hit back, saying the leaves came from from trees on nearby parkland that she doesn't own.

Perro, of Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire, has now accused the police of infringing her civil liberties.

Leaves, Nottinghamshire Police (file pic)

Perro was visited by officers from Nottinghamshire Police (file pic)


She told the Daily Mail: "I have no convictions and this has caused me major distress. We have a park area where the trees blow on to my drive and my neighbours' drives. But I'm told by the police that I am responsible.

"I asked why the police didn't give warnings to the squirrels and birds as well – the wind blows the leaves around. I have had to put a net up to prevent leaves being blown about. I feel terribly intimidated by this.

"My rights and freedoms are affected, as it ignores my right to have my garden the was that I want it.

"You are treated as a culprit, as if you have done something wrong and not given a chance to respond or defend yourself."


Nottingham Police headquarters

Officers from Nottingham Police attended


Nottinghamshire Police have denied fallen leaves could be covered by the warning. A spokesperson said: "Nottinghamshire Police use community protection warning notices when someone has failed continuously to change their behaviour which is causing problems for their neighbours and their communities.

"This is a long-standing dispute between two people over a number of years, which includes a multitude of allegations, where police have been called.

"A community protection warning has been issued to the two people involved. Fallen leaves or leaves blowing onto drives is not the reason why this community warning notice has been issued.

"It is vitally important that our resources are directed to those who need them and that we concentrate on serious crimes blighting our communities. Community protection warning notices are therefore designed to ensure that behaviour does not escalate and in this case was a last resort."

The spokesperson added: "We work closely with Rushcliffe Borough Council around our parks and playgrounds to ensure they are safe places for the community to enjoy.

"This includes tackling street drinking, drugs which can include discarded needles, and the dumping of rubbish."

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